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Old carnival principle States that life should be treated seriously only to the fun.

Brazilian carnivals, perhaps, the most exciting show in the world and the main event of the year for every Brazilian. No wonder they say that in Brazil live from carnival to carnival.

Carnival in Salvador

Carnival in Salvador is the best of Afro-Brazilian music, as well as performances by different groups, called societies Afoxé. One of the most famous bands – Filhos de Gandhi (Gandhi Children). Dressed in white tunics and blue turbans, members of this society form one of many groups participating in the procession.

Each group is formed around the two platforms. At the head of the group on the platform is the orchestra. Platform surrounded by dancers. The orchestra plays such fiery music that it is impossible to stand still, all around dancing, having fun, joking and laughing.

Unlike carnival in Rio de Janeiro here anyone can easily become a participant of the parade. For this he just need to buy a t-shirt, giving the right to join any group.

White carnival would recommend you to go with the sum of not more than 20$ in my pocket for incidentals. Police on special platforms sit every 200 meters. Fights erupt here as gunpowder and instantly become a group.

Mulattos Bahia is considered the most beautiful in the world. Here in the evaluation of women’s advantages in the limelight is not a breast, and ass – valued its roundness, compactness and mobility. They say that these forms they are required daily Hiking cross-country: first to school and then to work.

The Angolan word «Samba» means «gestures with touch bellies», symbolizing fertility in African rituals. Dance, inherited from African culture sensitivity and frantic pace, to be executed at the minimum, and even the lack of clothing on the girl’s bodies.

Every year, the Brazilian health Ministry hands out in front of the carnival condoms – last year there were more than 18 million. The main consequence of carnival fun is the next nine months the baby boom. In one of the festive days, the townspeople give each other freedom: the wives go on adventures of their husbands, and husbands – wives. Incidentally, the young Brazilian natural upbringing to become sexually active years with 10-11 and 12 often become mothers. Despite the Catholic strictness, the Brazilians look at it calmly and with understanding, as things for granted. There is even an opinion that a local girl is considered sexy only 13 years of age.

Disputes among Brazilian carnival enlightened public as popular as in Russia around the national idea. All agree on one thing: carnival – great democratizator that turns all participants into brothers and sisters, and with a favorable combination of circumstances – lovers.

A touch of criminality only gives carnival a special piquancy taste that spicy spice is mixed to the aura of universal love that prevails at this time in the streets. Unlike glossy show in Rio de Janeiro is a living folk festival with songs and dances, sensual and inspirational, not overlooked and not trivialized.

Unlike carnival in Rio, where everything revolves around luxury allegorical platforms, in Salvador show-propelled guns – this two-story concert ARKS «trio-eletrico». By power availability they are comparable with industrial sawmill, so stay close even unsafe: wall of sound from heavy-duty speaker beats in the chest, and the low frequencies resonate significantly with the heart beats. Above there are the Directors of the action, the music, the dancers, models, popular singers and other strong characters like cheerful dwarfs.

The purpose and culmination of the carnival – the passage through the sambadrome. The procession is followed by this strip, as the waves of life – one after another, alternating between school, culture, generation. Really drive universal unification can be felt here. Everything rests on the violent rhythm that violently beaten out hundreds following behind the procession of drummers.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro — event dream of millions of people. Every year in February the whole of Brazil is covered by the continuous thunder of drums, batter incendiary rhythm of Samba, immersed in the noisy, bright and cheerful holiday, greatest show on the planet.

To Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro held 1 time a year, in February, at the height of the Brazilian summer! Begins this holiday is always on Saturday and lasts 4 days and 4 nights!

It is luxurious and expensive spectacle for the whole world.

Traditionally participate in the Carnival 12 Samba schools. Each of them has a very large impact on the cultural life in the country

Well, not to be unfounded. ))

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