Balloon, helium, cheap

We offer exclusive compositions from balloons and lighting decoration, interior design and original gifts for any occasions throughout the year. Individual approach, consultations, visits and rapid development and timely installation distinguishes the employees of our Agency. Make Your holiday more beautiful – invite “Sasha and Natasha”

Floral arches, lighting, decoration flowers

Columns with helium balloons at the entrance

Helium balloons from the ceiling, on the dance floor

Helium balloons on sockets at the table (Aerial bouquets 3-7 balls)

Garlands of balloons, the composition is in the form of a large heart, wedding rings

Tape, live (artificial) flowers (humorous wedding posters);

Drape tables


Pneumatic confetti at the meeting and during the first dance of the young

Decorating wedding halls with flowers and balloons. Aerodesign and drapery premises. Floral and themed arches for registration of the place of young. The draping of the table, ikebana flowers, light curtains!

Wedding bouquet, making cars bride and groom and wedding escort! Hall decoration: Inspection and design jewelry for selected room for the solemn feast. Decoration with flowers, balloons, foil. Romantic hearts and arches, helium balloons to the ceiling, a relief balls, soapy show, and more.

We are aerodynam 5 years, constantly being improved by attending international workshops and festivals the leading artisinal world. We try to offer and implement the best top songs and the latest ideas popular in Europe. All submitted compositions from balloons are treated with a special lubricant “hi float” to extend the shelf life of the compositions.

Design festive halls. cars, draping tables, wedding bottles, glasses, candles and other useful things!

Aerodesign. the twisting figures of balloons, making garlands of building facades at the opening of the stores.

Gelivymi balls for birthday, wedding. anniversary. Balloon surprise, relief balls, unique gifts, bouquets of balloons.

Decoration for Valentine’s day (February 14 ) dwellings, shops, entertainment venues and sites from the Agency “Sasha and Natasha”

Decorating with balloons – the shapes of hearts, foil and latex hearts on sticks and filled with helium, thematic decor of fresh and artificial flowers.

Decorating with balloons for graduation parties in school, kindergarten, universities in the city of Nikolaev and area!

Decorating with balloons halls, facades of buildings, school yards, offices, corridors. Original design, airy arches, the composition of the balls, shapes, composition. Figures, inscriptions, figures from balloons, making garlands, gelivymi and foil balloons, stars, hearts, delivery, startup, and reset the balls. Sky lanterns to start at dawn – in the shape of hearts, dome. Exclusive designs, individual approach, departure to the place, and the working of the detailed order. Responsible in the execution of works! Professional decorating balloons and equipment.

Fresh ideas for aerodesign from 1st and 2nd International workshop on aerodesign (Kiev)

In DNEPROPETROVSK we represented our city at the International rally of Artisinal! Sea of new ideas, techniques and friends!

All the news and latest work look in touch in our official group “Ball fun with Sasha and Natasha”


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