Beer festivals of the world

Ask any person what the beer, and you will say that this is one of the most famous, favorite and ordinary people, and presidents, and artists drink. Evidence of this fact are numerous celebrations and festivals held in various countries, additional symbols, traditions dedicated to this drink.

Undoubtedly, each of you have heard about the large-scale and well-known to every lover of beer festival — Oktoberfest held annually in Munich, Germany. Celebrated not only in this country, by the way, but in many others. In the days of the festival doors of all the pubs wide open for all fans of the popular drink is beer. Every year they traditionally gather together to celebrate or just to salute, having tried any new variety. Pour beer in a specially made for this festival beer mugs, often representing symbols and pictures. New year — new mug.

In addition to Oktoberfest in Germany is also another famous festival in Stuttgart — Cannstatter Volkfest, which translated means “national folk festival”. It is held since 1818, organized by King William and his wife Catherine, in honor of the end of the disease the time of the plague, which lasted for several years and claimed the lives of many people. The celebration traditionally begins with the opening ceremony barrels at 11 o’clock. All around, wherever I look, there are stalls and stalls with the beer, put it in circles like little brewery, and representatives of large companies, which also hold tastings as part of their advertising campaigns. At this time carnival procession passes, the participant can be anyone. If you’re lucky enough to go there, you will not regret it! Once among the people, may be not only beer lovers, picking up a huge beer mug and breathing in his scent, you will feel the flavor of the festival, feel the atmosphere of fun, friendliness, smile and all!

There is another country where beer is respected and revered no less than in Germany, the United Kingdom. Every year in the capital, London, is a Big festival in a vast exhibition centre. If you decide to attend this joyful and unique event, we will be able to taste many different Beers, ciders and Ales, as local producers and foreign. You will appreciate the quality of the drinks, will be able to purchase traditional pewter mug, made by the best British artists in honor of the holiday, hear great live music, participate in fun contests, and maybe ride the rides. In General, everyone will find something of their own.

And neighbors great Britain, Ireland, beer is love not less. Your festival is everywhere on March 17, Saint Patrick’s day. The Irish simply go to your favorite pubs until the early hours drinking friendly bartenders poured beer, sing folk songs. On this day across the country atmosphere of peace and prosperity.

Another country famous for its beer festival — Belgium. From 6 to 8 September annually Belgian Beer Weekend. The event takes place in Brussels, and attended him not only local residents, but also residents of neighboring States.

Another European country is not only famous for its beer, but the holiday dedicated to him, – Czech Republic. It was organized recently, in 2008, the venue was chosen Prague. It takes place at the end of may, as if people feel the long-awaited arrival of summer and meet him a large mug of delicious cool of intoxicating drink. What is unusual was able to come up with the organizers of this festival? These days the festival has a special currency “Beer Thaler”! It is possible to buy your favorite mug of the frothy drink.

Another “Great beer festival” takes place in Denver, USA. He is celebrated 3-5 October every year since 1982. Lovers come here from all over the continent, the total number reaches about 20 thousand people, maybe more.

But what is in common between all these festivals? Commemorating favorite foamy beverage, people observe the traditions and culture of its use. For example, filling in the traditional beer mug with images of animals, castles, nature or people you will retain the taste and smell of any sort. To buy beer mugs in Moscow it is best to use “Store beer mugs”. Treat someone beer in this mug, you can easily find a friend, but if you treat a lady, then you may meet a lover.

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