Birthday summer

Summer is probably the most convenient time for rest and entertainment. When there are so bright and Sunny, in the soul just no place for sadness and depression. Maybe that’s why summer is so much universal holidays, both public and professional. But it was especially lucky for those who in the summer to celebrate their own holiday . Of course this is the Day of birth !

This is the only day in the year when our personal calendar speaks of the coming of the new year, when we rise again to a new stage of life, creating new plans. And we always want to have the birthday celebration was bright, colorful and memorable, and not only for us but for our guests. And in the summer offers many opportunities to realize the most unusual and interesting ideas this holiday.

The choice of place to celebrate a birthday in the summer

The first step is to decide where will be held the birthday celebration . indoors or outdoors.

Thus it is necessary to take into account weather factors, and the number of guests and their age composition, and other details.

So, if you have a lot of guests, they love the great outdoors or among them many children – it is better to choose nature, otherwise the room can.

Summer birthday party outdoors

For a birthday party outdoors, you can choose any convenient for you place. For example, it can be a beach on the sea or river shore . Here you can relax under the hot sun, and plenty of swimming. You can also arrange minidisco or volleyball tournament. It will be a pleasure for adults and children.

You can also choose a hike “kebabs” in the Park or in the woods . This is the equivalent of a beach party, but somewhat cooler. You can come up with various contests, prizes, which will be cocktails or ice cream.

If a relaxing holiday in the fresh air is not enough for you, then spend birthday extremely . For example, take to the skies in a hot air balloon, go on a whole day at Epcot center or in the Park. Agree that active can make any holiday unforgettable. In addition, these adventures will forever remain in your memory.

Even for a summer birthday, you can rent a transport . Very common is to rent a yacht or ship . Walking on the sea or on the river will provide plenty of wonderful emotions at any time, but especially on her birthday. Also on the deck you can arrange a romantic candlelight dinner and a big party for a fun company.

You can still rent a car . Let on your own it will be a smart convertible, luxury limousine or even a tank. Do not hesitate to go all over town all day though, travel around all the corners. Or, conversely, to go where one has never been, to see new places, local attractions, or simply go for a picnic or a walk. You can take a helicopter ride or even a parachute jump.

Also you can spend the day horseback riding excursion . In most major cities have sports or Amateur horse facilities, offering you a lesson horse riding courses, or even horseback riding without an instructor to nearby parks (of course with a sufficient level of skill).

Even more extreme birthday celebration in the summer will be a paintball skirmish. The rules of this game are incredibly simple, and the physical and emotional burden to help guests and the birthday boy, relax and have fun.

Birthday party summer indoors

If you will be comfortable spending the holiday in the room, the options are also numerous. First, you can rent a night club . to all of your friends fit and had a nice time. Catchy music and cocktails will allow you to relax quickly, however, should be aware of the condition and close the outlet to work.

Also popular are theme parties . To do this quite a bit: look for a restaurant with a specific cuisine, pick costumes, contests and embark on a journey across countries and eras. For example, you can arrange a retro party, Latin American, Eastern or underwater party. The theme is limited only by your imagination.

And both adults and children always like surprises. And a great gift would be a surprise party . The most important is the complete ignorance of the hero of the occasion, to the surprise.

You can also arrange birthday in a complex, thoughtful drawing. Just keep in mind the preferences of the birthday person that your idea was not a disappointment.

In General, as sung in the famous song: “summer gives us gifts…” and especially nice if these gifts are birthday. Only your vital interests and imagination can limit the choice of the place of celebration.

But don’t forget that birthday is the beginning of a new year of life. But as the New year meet, so spend it!

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