Brazil, carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide as “the greatest show on Earth”, which necessarily ever have to visit each one!

There are several versions of the origin of the word “carnival” is from the Latin. carne levare, “farewell, meat&” or from the Latin. Carrus Navalis – the chariot-ship, which became one of the symbols of the holiday, becoming a platform for processions.

Brazilian carnival is a bright, exotic, magnificent madness, a holiday that is filled with music, dancing, astounding performances and outlandish costumes. This event, which is unique in its kind, this will not get to see anywhere else on the planet except in Rio.

The first carnival was held in the eighteenth century, in 1723. It is believed that the tradition of carnival was introduced by the Portuguese colonists, who at the time ruled Brazil. Mass street parties, the Portuguese celebrated the local equivalent of carnival, which always occurred on the eve of Great lent. Influenced the present form of the carnival and other European countries, such as France and Italy, which were borrowed colorful costumes. But, of course, the carnival would never become so popular if it weren’t for the Brazilians, for whom he is the greatest celebration to which they are preparing for a year.

Everyone knows that the famous carnival make competition of Samba schools . These Samba schools hold parades each of four nights of the carnival.

Two of the biggest performances at the carnival held on Sunday and Monday, when city schools are competing with each other for the title of champion. It’s a huge show, which make an unforgettable outstanding choreographers, bright and sexy costumes, music, and unimaginable amount of fun, good mood and smiles.

The carnival is held once a year, in February, at the height of the Brazilian summer

Traditionally, it begins on the Friday before Ash Wednesday (1.5 month before Easter). Festive event – the main event of the city. So to recommend you buy tickets in advance for 3-4 months prior to the start.

Historically, the carnival held on the streets of Rio, but after he gained global popularity, he moved to the Sambadrome .

The sambadrome is a huge concrete structure with a wide Avenue that runs through the center and on the sides of the rostrum. Samba schools go from one end of the alley, and 70 minutes marching in the parade on the Avenue surrounded by a big crowd of people (more than 80 thousand), sitting in the stands. To get to the sambadrome, you must buy an entrance ticket.

Of course, You can buy tickets at the hotel or any travel Agency in Rio, but it is best to order it in advance from nadinoo experienced tour operator in Brazil . for those wishing to get to the festival very much, and places may simply not be enough.

Shows begin on Friday with a children’s carnival, which takes place in the second half of the day. In the remaining days of parades are held at night.

Official launch at the stadium starts at 19:00, but the performance itself will begin no earlier than 9 PM. The show usually lasts until 5 a.m., so it makes sense to have a good rest before going to the sambadrome.

Carnival in Rio – another wonderful holiday that will forever be remembered by millions of those who were shot in Rio in 2012. Here’s how it went:

Jennifer Lopez welcomes people while watching the parade in Rio.

Milton Junior, who was elected this year’s king Momo – the mythical ruler of the carnival and the mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo PAES hold the key to the city for the official launch of the 5-day carnival. According to experts, the carnival will spend $ 640 million, and used it to 250,000 workers.

Dancer during carnival in Sao Paulo.

School dancers “Wai-Wai” and “Rozas di Ouro” in Sao Paulo.

Dancers on the moving platform of a Samba school called “Mancha Verde” in Sao Paulo.

Dancers of the school ’s Mancha Verde”.

Parade participants ’Cordao de Bola Preta” in downtown Rio de Janeiro. Thousands of people came to the parade in one of the most popular neighborhoods of Rio.

Thousands of people dancing in the street; pictured right: one of the participants of the carnival.

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