Carnival in Rio de Jainero

If you have become boring standard holiday on the beach resorts of Turkey and Egypt, if you are aiming to get a boost of energy and many new impressions, to see the ocean and just have a good time, a trip to a magical Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro is exactly what you need.

Carnival and Samba parade in Brazil is held annually in late February-early March ( or to be more precise, the 40 days before Holy week) and lasts from Sunday to Wednesday. Many tourists believe that the carnival is the prerogative only of the capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. But it is not so. Carnival wave covers all regions of the country, and in every province, in every city this holiday in its own. For example, in Salvador da Bahia passes « black carnival”, famous for its exotic African ( in Salvador da Bahia 80% of the population is black immigrants from Africa) and Groovy folk festivals. But in whatever city in the country did not pass Brazilian carnival, Samba at carnival in Brazil is the same air without which masquerade and parade is simply impossible, because the whole holiday is endless passionate dance that encompasses not only the platform and sambadrome, but all the streets and even at home. Travel planning and travel to the Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro best place to start for two to three months before you travel. This precaution will save you money and nerves. It’s already a month before the Brazilian carnival ticket prices in Rio de Jainero, the stands are skyrocketing, so it’s best to buy them in advance ( the same applies to housing prices).

The Samba carnival in Rio is movement, dance, festivities, so do not carry large amounts of cash, and the money store on several cards. Samba at carnival in Brazil turned the head of anyone, so watch out for your personal belongings, do not bring valuables, and always keep your passport in a safe place.

Before the carnival in Brazil for those willing to given free contraceptives, and the Brazilians even there is a tradition that the couple give the ” vacation” each other at the carnival. Hot atmosphere Rio a sexy romantic adventure, so fans of novelty and diversity should think about the fact that planning a tour to the Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro might be a nice alternative to the usual holiday.

Brazilian carnival in Rio is a celebration of life, and those who are accustomed to receive from life maximum pleasure definitely worth at least once to visit him.

But connoisseurs of exquisite medieval European culture will enjoy a trip to Venice carnival mask in Italy. In Venice everything breathes elegance and nobleness, and the carnival turns into a stunning display of luxury outfits and masks. Venetian masks at carnival in Italy originally was made of thin leather, but now the skin was replaced by papier-mache and mask, made from an ancient recipe is considered a true work of art and not everyone can afford.

Venetian carnival masquerade is exciting and striking in its luxury lush ball, no different from medieval festivals aristocrats. Lasts this ten day extravaganza and it’s always the last ten days before lent. Therefore, typically the Venetian carnival takes place in February or early March.

A trip to Venice carnival mask in Italy can easily be combined, for example, with a shopping tour of the outlets of Italy and you, so kill two birds with one stone: experience an unforgettable medieval tale and will be able to update your wardrobe.

In addition, the Venice carnival is the most authentic Italian feast at which, as you know, the wine flows like a rapid river. So the carnival in Venice is a wonderful occasion for great tasting Italian wine.

During a holiday in Venice attracts thousands of tourists, so if you want to get maximum enjoyment from your trip, you need to make reservations in advance, as the hotels are usually full, and to find a spare room a few weeks before action is practically impossible.

All life is theatre. And Venetian masks at carnival in Italy to the best confirmation. All ten days of the festival in Venice accompanied by grandiose theatrical representations, which compete on a specially equipped scenes and on the streets. An actor can also be anyone, and it adds a special charm.

The annual Venice carnival is a celebration of good taste, luxury and craftsmanship. He will not leave anyone indifferent. And once you see it with your own eyes, you will come back to Venice again, to once again plunge into the wonderful and almost mystical maelstrom of carnival masks.

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