Carnival of Venice

Carnival in Venice – this is one of the most anticipated events of the year for the inhabitants of this ancient city, and tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world. During the celebration serene and serene Venice is freed from any duties and prejudice, becoming one of the most free (in all respects) places on earth. But there is this celebration has its own history and traditions, which we describe in this publication.

The history of the Venetian carnival

The history of the carnival in Venice has its roots in the distant past – in Roman times. Harvested, the Romans at the time of the winter solstice hosted Grand annual festivals honoring the God Saturn (another name for carnival – the Saturnalia). Throughout the city was conducted funny celebrations, and their difference from other holidays was that one table could be located and the owners and their slaves. So that ‘class” prejudice did not spoil the celebration, all the participants hid their faces under different masks.

The first official mention of the celebration in Venice date back to the XIth century and the thirteenth century they become public knowledge . The Senate of the Venetian Republic were allowed to hold mass celebrations on the last day before the beginning of lent.

In subsequent years, the carnival of Venice, the date of which was not constant (the celebration could begin in October, reaching its peak on the eve of Great lent), has gained incredible momentum. The last week of carnival became his home and the brightest part. In those days there existed absolutely no rules and prohibitions, permitted seduction, abduction, seduction and intrigue. All went around in masks and fancy costumes, the couple did not recognize their halves, dates were assigned almost every minute, and the fun and dancing continued around the clock.

The end of the XVIII century for a long while and the end of carnival – the Emperor Napoleon issued a decree about its ban. More than two hundred years of fun and masks in Venice and not mentioned, and only since 1980 fancy dress party got its second wind.

The tradition of the Venetian carnival

Ejegodnyi holiday in Venice – 10 days engrossing fun that allow residents and travelers from around the world to break away “full” before the beginning of lent. The duration of the celebration usually falls in February.

The Grand opening of the carnival always falls on a Sunday . but from Saturday on city streets wanders a huge number of tourists. Begin the solemn event of the Festa delle Marie, dedicated to the liberation of the Venetian girls, kidnapped by pirates. And then the carnival extends to St. Mark’s square and other areas where concerts, performances, plays and fancy-dress balls. After the resumption of the tradition of carnival make thematic, dedicating him or prominent persons or cultures of other Nations, or to travel to other countries.

At the end of last century, the carnival in Venice appeared even own anthem, which involved world-famous couturier Pierre Cardin.

Preparing for the biggest celebration in their hometown residents of Venice is long and carefully choose their costumes. At the festival you can transform into anyone, so separate outfits – these are real works of art. Tourists do not always have the opportunity to prepare for the carnival with the same care and to bring his suit, but it does not matter. On the eve of the celebration of the traditional costumes, masks and attributes are sold on every corner. They are made from fur, brocade or velvet. However, the costumes are very expensive, but participation in the program of the carnival as the mask is worth it to fork out.

You must also know that the real Venetian masks – this creation is handmade, which is made from paper mache and sell only in stores. The many masks of different colors on street racks and folding tables – this is the products of Chinese manufacturers.

Classic Venetian costume is the white mask, complemented by a wide black cloak, a silk cloak, a triangular hat and gloves. You must also remember that when the carnival is in full swing, costumes and masks should be worn according to the rules. That is, wearing carnival costume and mask, you cannot speak any language, to Express himself only with gestures.

If unable to acquire the suit and no mask, do not worry. For ordinary spectators and guests of the city there are many other festivals in which you can take heart and please the eye. Besides, without the mask, you can safely drink wine and enjoy the carnival doughnuts, fritelli. In the suit they certainly will not eat.

Venetian carnival masks – a very popular holiday, so reservations for the hotel must be taken care of well ahead of time, otherwise there may simply not be. Book your accommodation better not in Venice itself, but close to it – so you can save considerably.

At the carnival, it is advisable to purchase a season ticket for public transport in Venice, then to get to the city and its main attractions (squares, museums and the Ducal Palace) will be much cheaper.

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Carnival of Venice
Carnival in Venice – this is one of the most anticipated events of the year for the inhabitants of this ancient city, and tens of thousands of tourists from all…

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