Reasonable price and comfortable environment for the delivery – are also our advantages.

You urgently need a fancy suit, and to go to salons or sew it on order? The children’s matinee baby was given an interesting role, but appropriate attire is not found? Want to amaze your friends at the party in a new way? Online store fancy dress costumes «Carnival Online” offers a wide variety of options. We have many years of successful cooperation with the leading Russian manufacturer – the toy factory ’s Magical world”, therefore we guarantee the excellent quality of each product. Our online store costumes offers in all standard sizes but can also manufacture outfits made (3000 pieces).

The magic of transformation

Carnivals like the custom originated in the ancient world, were popular in the Middle ages, in the Renaissance.

In the modern world to change into a different fairy tale characters, animals, heroes of folk tales also relevant: the carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, Venice, theatrical procession for the holidays – the best proof. Halloween costumes that will certainly be used at the festival, as well as possible contribute to the transformation.

For children such transformation have a special meaning – it is an opportunity to feel like a brave knight, a beautiful Princess, fearless pirate, funny clown or a favorite cartoon character. By the way, it helps parents to better understand the aspirations and needs of the child, help him to overcome potential difficulties. However, children understand that the costume – just a mask, removing which, to be myself again.

If there is a question: “Where to buy a carnival costume?”, then the answer probably can be found in the online store “Carnival-Online”. Wide range will allow you to pick what you need, even with the incredible flight of fancy. The fancy dress shop offers products for adults and children, a variety of accessories that will help complete any invented image, decorate it and make it more expressive.

Carnival costumes online store “Carnival Online” were divided into groups to facilitate the selection of the appropriate option. The costumes of fairytale characters and heroes of folklore, animals and birds, insects and plants, flowers, berries, fruit. Here you can buy fancy dress on New year’s day for children and adults, as well as outfits that will turn the baby into the character of a popular cartoon called “loonie”. Accessories complement the costume; they can be used to create unique images not only performances, but also for themed skits, humor and other performances.

Quality without compromise

Buy carnival costume on the eve of the holiday can be in a large supermarket, the market, and in the Department of children’s toys, but the quality of the product often causes reasonable doubt. Specialized shops of carnival costumes in Moscow, as a rule, are more committed to the quality provided to the customers.

Shop fancy dress costumes «Carnival Online” pays special attention to the level of the offered products. Children are actively moving, so you can sweat – if the fabric will be of poor quality, may cause irritation, and if carelessly made seam torn, holiday and even will be spoiled.

Online store fancy dress guarantees a product of certified quality. The buyer, by choosing the costume at an online catalogue, can not worry: all suits are of appropriate quality, as repeatedly inspected prior to sale.

“Carnival Online” – the costume shop in Moscow, offering decent quality products at affordable prices. Manufacturers with whom we work, use only certified materials and dyes, reliable accessories. Each costume before shipping to the buyer is checked again to eliminate the possibility of marriage.

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