Event tourism

Every year the event tourism is gaining popularity. This is a great opportunity to not just entertain, but to become a participant of various international festivals, exhibitions, fairs, carnivals. Event tours – this variety, bright emotions and unforgettable impressions.

You will have:

National festivals and holidays

Theatre shows, festivals, cinema and theatre

Gastronomic festivals

Festivals and flower shows

Fashion shows


Music festivals and music competitions

Sporting events

The most famous and probably the oldest existing carnival is the carnival of Venice, Dating back to 1094. It is a bright and Grand event, two weeks in Venice immersed in the mysterious atmosphere of a masquerade ball. In the squares of the city organize theatrical performances, dance and music did not stop day or night, and in the palaces costume balls are held. Every year Venice attracts millions of fans of this magical holiday to enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of carnivals of the past centuries, to join the fun street processions and participate in costumed performances.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a glitter extravaganza, universal high Jinks, the catchy rhythms of Samba, incredible scenery. Brazilian carnival is a show which has no equal, world-famous for its Samba schools and incredibly spectacular performances. The scenery and platform carnival participants are always impressed with its scale and semantic richness. They all usually relate to relevant topics for society — love. the relationship of man to nature, the beginning of a new life. Millions of people gather in Rio de Janeiro, to see with his own eyes and become a part of this colorful event.

Those who are interested in floristry or just loves flowers, see exhibitions and flower festivals Chelsea and London, the festival of the chrysanthemum and bonsai in Japan. Is to provide world famous flower Parade in Amsterdam, which is held every September. During the festival the entire city is decorated with flowers, everywhere the music, hosts various concerts and performances, through the streets of the city passing by carnival floats decorated with flower arrangements by designers-florists.

For those who follow fashion, who can not imagine my life without a new dress from the fashion house Chanel, Dior, Valentino or a new Hugo Boss suit specially organized event tours to the fashion shows and fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, London, new York.

Who wants to plunge into the world of the middle ages, is to go to France. Every year around the fortress walls in the Saloon hosts the Festival of the middle Ages, jousting tournaments, craft fairs, equestrian events, and in honor of the winner gets a huge feast. The battle with the dragon is waiting for you in Belgium, in Mons. Every year in late may, during the festival, more than 200 thousand people, led by Saint George, defend the town from the dragon.

For all music lovers event organized tours to music festivals and competitions, or you can go to a tour event on the performance of your favorite rock band or pop by for example in England. You are waiting for the jazz festival in Montreux(Switzerland), festival of pop Pink Pop in Landgraaf(Netherlands), Salzburg music festival, the Eurovision song contest and many others.

Sports fans should go to event tours to various sporting events. It is the world and European Championships on the soccer, international tennis, Formula 1, ice hockey Championships, and of course winter and summer Olympic games.

Particularly popular beer festivals, which are many. The Belgian beer weekend in Brussels is held every year in early September and is attractive because the price of beer does not exceed 1 Euro, which allows you to enjoy plenty of different varieties of beer. The Czechs true connoisseurs of beer, so they have held several beer festivals, one of which begins in mid-may and lasts for two weeks, second – festival Pilsner, held in early September in Pilsen and lasts two days, during the festivals of all the guests waiting for vivid entertainment, many concerts and competitions. The beer nation in the world are the Germans, it is not surprising that most large-scale and world’s largest beer festival Oktoberfest takes place in Germany. He was listed in the Guinness book of records as the biggest party in the world. Oktoberfest every year starts on Saturday and lasts for two weeks before the first Sunday in October. Millions of fans of beer from all over the world come to Munich to drink one glass of good beer, for two weeks of the festival, drink almost one third of the annual production of the German Breweries.

This is just a small list of festivals, carnivals, festivals and international events worth visiting. Go to event tour, this will help the managers of a travel Agency Tandem Travel, which will choose the best tour and direction for you.

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