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Monday, November 19, at the International multimedia press center of RIA Novosti will host a press conference dedicated to one of the most interesting events of world culture – the festival WOMAD (World of Music, Art and Dance) Russia – the WORLD of Russia (music and crafts of Russia), which will be held in Russia in September 2013. The venue of the festival in the city of Kislovodsk, Stavropol territory.

The world famous WOMAD festival – the brainchild of musician Peter Gabriel, the founder of the Genesis group and owner of the record company “Real Music “.

WOMAD Russia / WORLD of Russia will be held in partnership with WOMAD Worldwide, organizer of music festivals in the UK and 26 other countries.

The WOMAD festivals – this is an international music events that bring together artists from around the world, unite and develop people through music, art and dance. Within each of the festival are both known and new artists from the host country and from abroad.

As appeared and evolved WOMAD festival? Why the venue selected WOMAD Russia Kislovodsk? How will the conduct of WOMAD Russia’s economy and international image of the North Caucasus? What is the role of world-class events in the development of the strategic regions of Russia? Who can become a member of the WOMAD festival in Russia? To these and other questions will be answered by the organizers of the festival, WOMAD Russia: Anton Pak – General Director of JSC «development Corporation of North Caucasus ” (Group “VEB “), Chris Smith – Director of international festivals, WOMAD, UK, Andrey Kataev – managing Director “the North Caucasus mountain club “, Alexander Cheparukhin – music producer, CEO of the production company «Green Wave “.

For reference: WOMAD (World of Music, Art and Dance) – “world of music, arts and dance” – world annual ethnic festival of music, arts and dance, the brainchild of a famous musician and founder of Genesis Peter Gabriel. Gabriel has for many years been interested in ethnic music that’s influenced the music component of his third album. Fascination well over time intensified, and, thanks to the initiative of Gabriel, was created by the festival ’ s World of music, arts and dance “.

To collect in one place the music from Gabriel decided in 1980, but the first WOMAD festival was held in 1982 in England. Since 1988, the festivals began to be held around the world: in Denmark and Canada, Australia and the United States, Japan and Italy. Nevertheless, the main venue of the festival is considered as the UK. The festival takes place on weekends. He goes on two or three scenes on a variety of topics. Among other things, WOMAD organises workshops where you can learn to sing or to dance. Artists to perform on the festival stage, there may be superstars, and little-known, but they always play extremely talented.

The official aim of WOMAD is to promote, support and improve the education of world cultures. During the year, WOMAD organizes various trainings in the world’s universities and colleges. This institution also publishes literature about ethnic music.

In 1993, Peter Gabriel founded the label ” Real world ” (Real World Records) to assist in the creation and distribution of such music, performed by musicians from around the world. Gabriel had done substantial work to familiarize Western audiences with the works of such musicians as Yungchen Lhamo, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Youssou N Dope and the Pokrovsky Ensemble.

Since then, as the diligence of the South American producer and musician Peter Gabriel folk music became famous phenomena of the world stage, WOMAD festival is considered the mouthpiece of the genre, collecting the best ethnic artists from thousands of States. In 2001 WOMAD has rightfully earned the title “naikrupneyshim international music festival” from the Guinness Book of records.

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