February 14 in the world

Today the whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day. And did you know that February 14th is not only Valentine’s Day, and some other quite interesting holidays?

So February 14 is the 45th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. A very unusual day, it should be noted, with its own interesting history. They say that Valentine’s day listed in the calendar of celebrations for more than 16 centuries, but the festival of love existed in earlier times – even in pagan culture. The most striking example is Rome, where in the middle of February, a festival of eroticism of Lupercalia in honor of the goddess of “feverish” love Juno Februata and God Faun – the patron of herds.

But, as already indicated, February 14 should not be equated only with Valentine’s Day. Here is an example.

On this day you can safely congratulate all friends programmers, because February 14 is also considered to be informal, but widely celebrated in the field of this specialty Day geek. The fact that on this day in 1946 the world was presented the first real working electronic computer ENIAC I. As you know, and before that there were many attempts to design a computer, but these were only prototypes and not entirely successful experiments. ENIAC was first working on practical problems of electronic computing machine. By the way, modern computers have inherited the binary number system.

Quite unusual is celebrated on February 14 in Japan, where every year on this day, celebrate favorite holiday – Hadak Matsuri, in other words – Day of naked men.

Japanese men wearing only loincloths and all day chasing the same brand of a naked man. While everyone is trying to touch each other, if you believe in the main traditions of the holiday, it’s the touch frees man from all his afflictions. Well, let’s hope so, because otherwise the inflammation of the lungs can not be avoided.

It is absolutely ridiculous, and perhaps even ridiculous to appear before us on the 14th of February. In this day there is a salute to people with mental disabilities. According to the Germans, Valentine is the patron Saint of the mentally ill. Residents of Germany adorn the hospital with scarlet ribbons and small images of angels, and in the chapels held a special worship service with prayers for the repose of the soul of Valentine and for the health of patients with mental illness. Although, it should be noted that some people find in this match totally different occasions something symbolic. Mainly so say skeptics and those people who hates Valentine’s Day.

Another no less interesting holiday celebrated on February 14 Bulgarians, is the feast of winegrowers. He is being held in honor of the Christian priest Tryphon, who was executed in the year 250 in Nicaea. Here, by the way, a parallel can be drawn with the case and Valentine, who had expected the same fate. According to the legend, on the day of execution Tryphon on all the country’s vineyards were attacked by insects, and grape growers called it to protect their crops. Sartana called because, according to tradition, on this day, cut the vines to get a big harvest in the fall. In modern times the Day of St. Tryphon celebrate not only the planters and gardeners, gardeners and even the owners of the wine taverns.

Not passed by that day and religious holidays. For example, Hindus February 14 praise Saraswati – goddess of knowledge and education, as Catholics glorify the enlighteners of the Slavs, patrons of Europe, the creators of the Slavic alphabet, saints Cyril and Methodius. Also this year it is on February 14, had the date of one of the biggest events in Switzerland – Bern carnival. It takes place every year and attracts in the capital of Switzerland a large number of tourists. In recent years the carnival has become much more popular, which is visited by about 50 thousand people. This figure gave the third place in the ranking of the most popular carnivals of the country.

As you can see, February 14, boasts a variety of holidays. It’s only your choice what exactly to congratulate loved ones, parents, friends and people that are important. The main thing is not to make a mistake with this decision.


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