Festival Days of high music

Violinist of world renown, musician, constantly representing Russia at international concert venues, public figure.

Dmitri Kogan was born 27 October 1978 in Moscow, in the family of outstanding musicians. From the age of six he began to study the violin at the Central music school at the Moscow Conservatory. He has continued his education at the Academy of the Sibelius in Helsinki.

In 10 years Dmitry first performed with a Symphony orchestra, in fifteen — with the orchestra in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory. In 1998 he became a soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic society. The violinist performs in all the major cities of Russia, with the best orchestras of the country.

In 1997 the debut of Dmitry Kogan in the UK and the USA. Since then, Dimitri has been touring extensively in Europe, Asia, America, Australia, the middle East and the far East in the CIS and Baltic countries. Performs solo concerts and leading Symphony orchestras at the elite venues in the world.

Dmitry has a large number of recordings for radio and television in many countries, also on CD and DVD. His repertoire includes almost all the major concertos for violin and orchestra. A special place in the repertoire of the violinist took a cycle of 24 caprices by N. Paganini, long considered unenforceable. In the world only a few violinists perform the entire cycle of caprices.

In April 2004 Dmitry Kogan recorded cycle of the Paganini caprices. Just the violinist has recorded 6 CDs, record companies Delos, Conforza, DV Classics.

Dmitri Kogan — a regular member of the famous festivals: “Garantisce summer” (Austria), as well as in the cities of Perth (Scotland), Menton (France), Nottingham (England), Kerkira (Greece), Zagreb (Croatia), Ogden (USA). Dmitri represents Russia at the festival. P. I. Tchaikovsky, the festival ’s Russian Winter”, festival Nikolay Petrov in the Kremlin, at the Sakharov festival, as well as in Athens, Mohnton, Munich, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Riga, etc.

Dmitri Kogan was the organizer and artistic Director of the I International festival. Leonid Kogan, held in December 2002.

Dmitri Kogan — the author and artistic Director of the annual festival “the Days of High Music”, which is very successful in Vladivostok, and from 2005 and on Sakhalin.

From 2004 to 2005 D. Kogan — General artistic Director of the Primorsky state Philharmonic. From September 2005 — Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Sakhalin State Philharmonic.

In December 2007 he founded and headed the international «Kogan festival”, with great outcry took place in Yekaterinburg.

In April 2009 Dmitry Kogan was the first men of his profession gave a concert for the explorers at the North pole. He was also the first of the musicians, who played charity concerts to Beslan and after the earthquake in Nevelsk. In September of 2008 for charities Dmitry Kogan awarded the title of “Honorary citizen of the city of Nevelsk”. Thus, Dmitry became the youngest Russian who ever given this title.

Dmitri Kogan pays great attention to the activities to restore the status of classical music in the system of values of modern society, conducts master classes in different countries.

In the 2008-2009 season as part of a major concert tour on cities of Russia, the artist gave more than 30 concerts from Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg to Magadan and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Tour across 42 cities, which will be completed in 2009, aims to promote classical music and to draw the attention of the state, society and business to support classical art as the basis for the formation of a morally healthy generation with classic values.

Dmitri Kogan he dedicates his time to charitable activities and support actions in favor of children and youth. He is on the Board for the quality of education at the Presidium of the General Council of the party «United Russia and the initiative group, who gave an Open letter to the President of the Russian Federation with a request to astrojet punishment for crimes against children and adolescents. Together with Dmitry Kogan signed by famous musicians, actors, journalists, the television and just people who care about this serious problem.

The winner of the international award in the field of music DA VINCI (2006).

15 January 2010 Dmitry Kogan was awarded the honorary title of “Honored artist of the Russian Federation”. To date, Dmitri Kogan is the young Russian violinist awarded such titles.

24 February 2011 – artistic Director of the Samara state Philharmonic society.

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