Festival Joy Fest

This year the festival will take place in Kyiv on October 9-11.

International festival of folk theatres and Amateur art JoyFest is a unique festival Playground in Ukraine. Each fall we collect folk theater groups, as well as young artists and photographers from different regions of Ukraine and around the world. The Festival of joy JoyFest performances, photo and art exhibitions, master classes.

The festival has an active social component – the organizers help to attend the screenings of festival performances orphans, the disabled, pensioners.

Motto: Find art in itself!

Festival site:

“SCENE” movies Amateur theaters

ACTING technique Master classes in acting from leading Directors, actors, teachers of acting studios

“PAINTING” an Exhibition of artworks and a meeting with Ukrainian artists

“MASTER CLAss” Interesting creative workshops for children and adults

“CHILDREN’s ZONE” Performances and shows for kids, games, creative activities, motokazu

“ENTERTAINMENT AND RECREATION” Various shows from partners JoyFest, a lounge area, a photo area, dance performances, musical program

The Nomination JoyFest:

Best actress

“Best actor”

“The best performance”

“The best scenery and the decoration of the play”

“Best original screenplay”

“Best musical arrangement”

“The best Director’s work”

Additional nominations

Jury: representatives of the organizing Committee, actors and Directors Kiev theatres, artists, cultural experts.

The festival aims to:

to make art a closer, clearer and more accessible for every Ukrainian

to give the opportunity to realize and present their talents and skills for non-professional actors, artists, photographers, Directors, set designers, etc.

to organize workshops for large and small guests and participants of the Joy Fest

to bring to theatrical movement as many Ukrainians and citizens of other countries, regardless of their professions and age

to present the international theatre community arts Ukrainians

to show the possibilities of progressive professional development in a specific area for Amateurs

The festival of joy JoyFest is the only large-scale international event, which is aimed at the development and recognition of folk art in all its manifestations as supremely self-expression. Organizers JoyFest don’t see boundaries and limits to creativity and human desire to constantly learn new things and improve themselves. JoyFest is any creation that has transformed from a hobby into a way of life.

With the active promotion of the event in the media and social networks, as well as cooperation with various theatre festivals abroad and the International Association of Amateur theatres we get a large number of applications for participation in the JoyFest.

Festival JoyFest is a direct proof that the line between professional and Amateur art became very thin and small. The presence of specialized education ceases to be a barrier for a person who is willing and able to think creatively and create something new and need to others. To date, most important of all: the human desire to evolve in tandem with hard work and an active lifestyle.

At our festival professionals and Amateurs are doing together, sharing experiences and enjoying teamwork and communication.

Conditions of participation

To participate in JoyFest are invited folk theatre groups, Amateur photographers and artists. If you do not have a specialized education, but fond of these art forms, the organizing Committee will gladly consider your requests.

Please note that the membership fee for each participant of the festival – 15 euros. Applications for participation are free. All funds raised will be spent on the event.

Electronic application form for participation in the festival are accepted until August 3, 2015

In the application for participation from theatre teams must be specified:

the full name of the theatre

contacts (country, postal and email addresses, phone number)

the number of members of the company

the number of participants involved in the play, which was announced on the show during the festival

Name of Director theatre

the name of the show, which will be shown at the festival

the Director of the play



acceptance of the objectives of the festival

It shall be accompanied by:

synopsis of the script of the play (in Ukrainian, Russian or English)

synopsis: when and by whom founded, repertoire, achieve (on Ukrainian, Russian or English languages)

technical conditions for the implementation of performance (the size of the scene, technical support (sound, light, etc))


On the basis of submitted materials, the Committee selects the participants and sends the selected participants notified of their participation in the festival – until 21 August 2015

Our achievements

The achievements of the First festival of joy JoyFest (11-13 October 2013):

The audience – more than 6,000

Advertising – announcement-postcards in 762 the Kiev subway cars

Geography – 4 countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Italy and Romania)

Participants – 100 people

Media partners – media 11

Mention on the Internet – more than 150 materials

Achieve the Second festival of joy JoyFest (10-12 October 2014):

The audience – more than 10,000

Advertising – announcement-postcards in 762 the Kiev subway cars, a Billboard near the Studios. Renting city lights near m University KPI (during September-October 2014); razdacha 10000 flyers near the metro (during the week before the festival)

Geography – 4 countries (Ukraine and Egypt)

Participants – 100 people

Media partners – media 10

Mention on the Internet of about 200 articles

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