Festival life

In the province during the first six months of this year was registered on 17 thousand deaths.

In the Stavropol territory in the second quarter of 2015 the price of housing under construction fell by almost 2%.

Stavropol shares his talents

During all days of the festival ’s Musical autumn Stavropol” of creative teams and individual performers adequately showed how rich our region is national and professional talents. Stavropol was devoted to the program of the concert “And sounds, and poems, and dances lace. “.

On the stage of the Stavropol academic drama theatre named after M. Lermontov made famous in the province composers, poets, performance of creative collectives, soloists, and the authors performed songs and musical works glorifying our small home, its heroic past and the present day. Opened the program «the Little Overture” composer Daniel Osinovsky performed by municipal brass band concert-creative Association “chord”, conducted by the Maestro himself.

On the eve of the “Music of autumn” for this and many other groups, has opened a new creative season in which trainees will meet with their favorite and previously unknown artists and works. Listeners applauded vocal ensemble “45 parallel” Association “chord”, the consolidated regional Philharmonic choir and the regional College of art, enthusiastically welcomed the author and performer of the songs of Vladimir Butenko, soloist Anton Dorokhova, Asmira Zhukov and many others.

This evening the hall was attended by the authors included in the program works: poets and Valentin Slyadnev Valentine Naraina, composers Alexander Maslov, Vladimir Sushchenko, Victor Kipor, Mr Kushnaryov, Yuri Kasparov.

The first part of the concert ended with a great vocal and dance unit, in which teams, which often represent the Stavropol territory on all kinds of concert and festival venues, not only Russia, but also in different countries of the world — calling card edge Cossack State song and dance ensemble “the Stavropol region”, Cossack song and dance ensemble “vil’nyi step” and the regional Philharmonic ensemble “settlement”.

In the atmosphere, catchy folk melodies and upbeat mood, donated Stavropol artists, and continued the second part of the concert, in which the stage of drama theatre were made by the guests. The first time we are State concert Russian folk orchestra «virtuosos of Kuban” under the management of chief conductor people’s artist of Russia, Professor Anatoly Vinokur. And our fans were lucky enough to see for themselves that this band deserves the rave evaluations. This year he was 25 years old. For a quarter century orchestra than once brilliantly confirmed his virtuosity at numerous competitions and festivals. «virtuosos of Kuban” she has performed with such performers as Boris Shtokolov, Anatoly Solovyanenko, Lyudmila Zykina, Zurab Sotkilava, Leonid Smetannikov, Joseph Kobzon. The band’s repertoire today, more than 1,500 works. This arrangements of folk songs, ballads, Opera, and even jazz works of Russian and foreign composers. In addition, “virtuosos of Kuban” — it ’s singing orchestra”. The Stavropol was surprised to hear how musicians, singing the tune of the popular romance «Evening bells”, really sing “job”! In addition, the team is famous for alternative use possibilities of folk musical instruments. What a wealth of jazz intonations, it turns out, are fraught with the usual domra and balalaika! Yes and old songs in a new way are performed by the “Virtuosos. ” unexpectedly fresh and modern.

It turned out that with the Stavropol territory orchestra from Krasnodar linked in the most direct manner. To date, there are five graduates of the Stavropol regional College of art. These musicians are getting or already have higher, including conservation, education, and successfully played in the famous orchestra. Artistic Director Anatoly Vinokur presented them: Elena Ryabtseva, Nikolai Lutsenko Yuriy Cherniavsky, Bogdan Bidenko and Andrey Pinchuk. Teacher Andrew — musician and composer Valery Minceva, probably, was particularly pleased to see his student on stage.

Our region can rightly be proud of their talents. But once again, learning about how our countrymen found themselves and achieved success in other regions, involuntarily you catch yourself thinking that pride is mixed. bitterness. Why this has not happened in Stavropol? And the answer is a resounding only another question: where are the musicians-populists can find a use? Do we have a professional orchestra of folk instruments? No, sorry. At best, a graduate of the Department of folk instruments (and many others, perhaps) for meager wages to be hired as a teacher in a music school or will be able to lead a circle or a band in secondary school. While simultaneously working on two or three jobs, and not necessarily in the specialty. What kind of creativity and professional growth in such conditions it is possible to speak?!

Maybe in our region don’t need orchestras of folk instruments? If you have seen and heard our concert was “a virtuoso of the Kuban”, then such a question would not have arisen. What is impermissible generosity — from year to year to ensure the neighbouring regions and the capital of its talented graduates. Maybe the experience of our more “rational” neighbors will ever be for us an example to follow.

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