Festival of chrysanthemums German

Bright orange, Sunny yellow, fiery red and white – chrysanthemum amaze us with its variety of colors and shapes. They can be gentle and stern, shy and aggressive, self-confident and shy. And if You want to see a real riot of colors on the background polyphase autumn nature, which can be compared with night fireworks, You need to go to German, idyllic village at the foot of the black forest, Lahr (Lahr, Schwarzwald, Germany), where 22 October-13 November-the biggest in Germany autumn flower festival – the Festival of chrysanthemums .

From the history of the holiday

In the late 80-ies of the last century gardeners G. Lar visited French sister city Share where they were struck by the beauty of lush flowering cascading chrysanthemums, which in Germany in those days, almost nothing was known. To decorate the city with waterfalls of bright colors in a period when almost nothing is blooming, that is, in late autumn, German gardeners have thoroughly studied the manner and method of cultivation cascading forms. From fast-growing and abundantly blooming varieties they managed to grow cascading chrysanthemums, reaching up to two meters in length!

In November 1993 for the first time in Lara were decorated with cascades of chrysanthemums public buildings. In parallel, in the city hall Sulzberghalle passed and the first show of chrysanthemums, which had in Germany a great and Grand success. In 1997, in one of the town halls hosted the second exhibition of chrysanthemums. Its success was so great that the next year it was decided to hold the exhibition of setiweb under the open sky. Since then, every autumn, hundreds of cascading chrysanthemums adorn everything that can be decorated in the city: historic buildings, wells, sidewalks, prominent squares and bridges.

Due to the huge resonance in 1999, the staff of city horticultural farming has increased the reserves of cascading chrysanthemums for more than 700 PCs Blooming chrysanthemums, cultural and musical events, a variety of attractions create an unusual atmosphere in the city centre.

Under the motto “the Flowering of the country’

Make visitors able to experience the atmosphere of the festival, 20 gardeners within two weeks created in the historical part of the city chrysanthemum Paradise according to the plan of Richard Sottero, head of Department, Department of environmental protection and landscaping. Under the motto “the flowering of the country” landscape architect designed the seven thematic areas, representing different Nations.

So, a vast maple forest – the pride of Canada – covered with white, like snow chrysanthemums symbolizing the approach of winter. A few meters further colored chrysanthemums depict knitted poncho in the Mexican style.

On time square is decorated with Germany medallions, made of unique Japanese varieties of chrysanthemums. Japanese pavilion emphasize filigree chrysanthemum spider web orange and white shades in the company of globular and anemonoides special forms.

Fountain of roses visitors are greeted by a lush shrub chrysanthemum bright red color – one of the national colors of Italy. Through gate luxury, created out of 120 instances of cascading chrysanthemums, you can get on the African continent, which resemble Zebra stripes.

Like a magician revived Oriental rug with an ornament in the form of rhombs, woven from a variety of chrysanthemum. All the flowers in the compositions tell of a long journey of ornamental plants in Europe.

To create creative compositions, large flowerbeds and lush facade decorations gardeners G. Lahr annually use about 10,000 chrysanthemums.

Particularly noteworthy are the floral platform. Never cease to amaze the public with 12 sculptures made from thousands of flowers. Each of them expresses the motto of the festival ’s Flourishing country”. On display there are national cultural monuments in the lush, vibrant blooms, such as, for example, the leaning tower of Pisa or the Moscow Kremlin. There are songs that marks cultural symbols of different Nations. This Chinese dragon, and volcanoes of Costa Rica.

Three weeks of art, culture and music

Only for gourmets

If visitors have filled the magical beauty of flower arrangements, best chef G. Lara invite everyone to the town square Marktplatz cooking kiosks and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious dishes of chrysanthemums. Did You know that chrysanthemums can be used in food? It is believed that by eating these flowers, You thereby prolong their life. Chrysanthemums are used as a spice and is used in salads, stews, pickles. They combine perfectly with fish and meat. What is a German beer? Only in Lara beer special – it labokellie, flavorful beer «Chrysantus” with fresh notes of chrysanthemum, which complement the bitter taste of the South German aromatic hops. Red-yellow color and noble, incomparable floral taste of beer only give the flowers and leaves of organically grown young plants.

The highlight of the festival are performances by regional chefs representing the scene of their meals from chrysanthemums. Combining European pedantry with the Asian pursuit of excellence, master chefs have extensive experience and gold hands to transform the idea into a brilliant show. Unlike Japanese cuisine where food is added exclusively of water, and cook in Lar use to cook their delicious dishes and chrysanthemum leaves. True gourmets will appreciate the a La chrysanthemum sorbet with curd souffle with orange sauce, or a light chrysanthemum soup, or exclusive scallops with Tonka bean.


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Festival of chrysanthemums German
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