Festivals and holidays in Germany

In Germany, the holidays are not always official holidays in all the land because of some of the sovereignty of these lands. Most holidays have a religious origin, the other historical. The country is all year round a large number of festivals or carnivals that beat preconceived ideas about the people, the Germans love to work not only on, but also to relax, since religious holidays or festivals of harvest were the only reason to have a break from the endless work, so here they are so fond of. Festivals is a great excuse to wear costumes, I note that these costumes are available for many Germans and customs of the festivals here, as nowhere else in the world live.

Carnivals in Germany

The carnival begins with the first of February, a bright beginning for which is quite an unusual phenomenon in this country –Brazilian Samba Carnival in Bremen, who would have thought that the Germans are fans of Latin dance. As I understand it one of the modern festivals, and he appeared in eighty-fifth year of the last century. Carnival traditionally begins on Friday with a costumed children’s parade, which adults continue, but the real fun happens on Saturday, when along the Central streets of Bremen drive platform with the giant puppets and decor, which in my invention is not inferior to the carts at the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Followed by dancing till you drop and fall in the many bars and clubs. Interestingly, the theme of the carnival may from year to year to change, but remain constant Samba, beer, sausages, roasted meat, wine and sauerkraut.

After the carnival Samba starts Fastnacht carnival in almost all the cities of Germany. Carnival center of Munich is considered the beginning of the carnival is to visit the Church on Thursday morning, in fact, the week after the same carnival and ends the midst of the celebration falls on a frantic Monday Rosenmontag, where the streets are Grand carnival procession. The procession usually comes to the city’s Central square, where he is met by a festive concert. On Tuesday, the children even come in fancy dress to school, and after school with a celebratory dinner at home.

The Berlinale Film Festival

In the days of the carnival in Berlin begins the most famous film festival in Germany, the “star wars”, like other European film festivals Berlin focuses on the author’s mind, or so-called Arthouse. Many times lucky Russian filmmakers, the last time Silver bear received in 2010 Alexei Popogrebsky for “How I ended this summer”. German films rarely received the Golden bear, is the main prize of the festival.

Jazz festivals in Germany

Jazz Dixieland festival in Dresden – the most spectacular music event in the country for people of middle age. The festival takes place in mid-may, for example, in 2013 it began on 12 may. The festival come to four musical performers that listening to half a million fans of this style of music. Festival opens at the Central square of the city with performances by young talents, and closed the festival with a parade of performers. The festival takes place in open areas of the city, on the waterfront in front of the majestic Palace.

Another jazz festival is held in April in Stuttgart, and Berlin jazz festival in October.

Rock festival Rock Am Ring

Three-day rock festival Rock Am Ring begins annually on the first Friday of June on the race tracks of Formula 1 Nurburgring in the town of Nurburg. We can say that now Rock Am Ring, the largest rock festival in the world. To become the so-called headliner consider it an honor any of the most famous rock group.

So in 2013 they were 30 Seconds to Mars, Volbeat, The Killers, Green Day, The Prodigy, performed by Korn, Papa Roach, Bullet for My Valentine.

In 2012 there were Metallica, Linkin Park, Soundgarden, Machine Head, Marilyn Manson, The Offspring, Motörhead, Evanescence, Guano Apes, Shinedown, Overkill, Lamb of God, Cypress Hill and others.

In 2011 he attended Hollywood Undead, Korn, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, System of a Down.

In 2010, MUSE, Kiss, Rammstein, Rage Against The Machine, Jay-Z, Slash, 30 Seconds to Mars, Cypress Hill, Motörhead, Hammerfall, Bullet for my Valentine, Alice in Chains and even One Republic.

The tradition of the festival is the shouting of the name Helga, the story happened a few years ago when a guy lost in the crowd, his girlfriend, and after the whole night running around the city and yelled her name, which was heard by all the inhabitants of the city.

The love parade

The love parade or the Love Parade, the so-called technoparade, a significant event in Germany in July. Over the years, the parade was held in different cities, in 2004 and 2005 in Berlin, the parade was cancelled, the same applies to the parade in 2009 in Bochum, in 2013, it is held in Duisburg.

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