Festivals and holidays in Montserrat

January starts with new year’s parade and stage of the International tournament of Montserrat for sport fishing (the rest is held on the first Monday in may and first Monday in September), and ends with the traditional Symposium on digital photography (24 January – 3 February).

In March (usually in the second decade of the month) begins a colorful celebration of St. Patrick’s Day (Montserrat is the only country outside Ireland where this holiday is a public holiday).

Lasting week celebrations are one of the highlights of the local calendar, attracting many visitors from abroad.

During this period, in addition to traditional costumed parades and various community events, special services are held in churches of the island, lectures, exhibitions, a kind of procession (more like a regular tour, symbolizing selfless work of Patrick Irish) for the green hills of the foothills, the Mileage of Freedom from kujo head to Salem Park, many solemn feasts and youth music festival Calypso.

In a holiday weekend at folklore village Slave village (“the Village servant”) is a Festival of local food, the Festival of kites and a variety of competitions (more than just demonstrations) the ancient folk sports. April entirely devoted to various Easter activities and may – Day labor and Duhova day (these days are many local holidays).

Celebrating the Queen’s birthday (first week of June, a day off) are opened with a colorful parade in Salem Park (involving units of the self-defense Forces, police, fire and rescue services of the island), accompanied by military bands. In July, interesting colorful pumpkin Festival (July 21-24), held in honor of local bottle gourd, which is considered to be one of the elements of the cultural identity of Montserrat.

This fruit growing on a small tree (Lagenaria vulgaris, reaches 10 meters in height) provides local residents with not only food but also raw materials for the production of tableware, musical instruments and various decorative items. So many holiday events during this festival is huge here and the exhibition in the National trust Montserrat, the Calabash festival-Culture-Exploin in the festival village festival village, a big fair, bus tours around the island and even a special Sunday service in all the churches.

In August held the Day of the liberation from slavery (first Monday of the month) and part of his frame colorful celebration of African culture – kujo-head-celebration (the first weekend of August). The village kujo head called in the eighteenth century on behalf of a slave who ran away from their owners, but was caught and lineman in these places. Festival of our day is devoted, as it is easy to understand, the deliverance from slavery and the contribution to the local culture and economy, which brought African slaves.

Therefore, the main events these days are parades of brass bands, car and bike race, relay race, masquerades, as well as the exhibition and sale of Handicrafts. The night before the festival is the biggest street carnival kujo head-EV. And on the first Monday of August also opened the annual County Fair of St Peter, which has been conducted for over 50 years. Held on the territory Anglican-Rectory in St. Petersburg, it offers a huge selection of local culinary delights, as well as various rides and games for children and adults.

In September is the third stage of the International tournament of Montserrat for sport fishing. In October – a Week of tourism, representing the best examples of local arts and crafts, cuisine, traditional culture and music, as well as the museums Week and Week of the rescue services on the island. But the most colorful month of the local calendar – December. During this period there are various Christmas celebrations, including Christmas itself.

The day of St. John (27 December), Boxing Day and, of course, the culmination of local holidays – traditional Christmas festival of Montserrat (mid December – 1 January). These days, thousands of citizens of the island, living abroad, return home and take part in numerous carnivals, music events and other cultural events.

Every town on the island has its own holiday. Village days, as here referred to as such events usually gather residents from the neighborhood and often turn into serious competitors for national holidays. The most colorful festivals of Salem, kujo head, Saint Peter, Saint John and Davy hill and lookout.

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