Holidays and festivals summer

It is not surprising that people in the summer time, try to be in the fresh air. Summer is a fresh charge of new emotions, it is various holidays and festivals, fairs and music open airs, religious processions and colorful carnivals. We represent your attention a selection of several dozen photos from the German amusement Park, located in the former building of nuclear power plants, with the celebration of Bastille Day in France, as well as many others.

1. About two hundred thousand flowers welcomed the guests of the three-day festival of sunflowers in the Legs, Tochigi Prefecture, North of Tokyo. The girl sitting on his father’s shoulders, barely visible in the field.

2. The two-day festival in honor of the birth of the founder of Lamaism Guru Padmasambhava (VIII century) in Hemis gompa (located 45 km from Leh), a monk of the monastery in the mask performs a ceremonial dance. Hemis gompa – the greatest and the oldest monastery of Ladakh. During the festival there are various ritual dances, which are performed in masks of evil spirits and deities.

3. Rodeo in Helena Montana, cowboy Roy Johnson his performance earned 68 points, finishing in 4th place.

4. Festival of Kyrgyz folklore and folk traditions, lake Cancel (3200 m above sea level). Women in folk costumes perform Kyrgyz songs.

5. Brazilian children discourage drumming at the festival of Japan in Sao Paulo. Here is the largest Japanese Diaspora.

6. Fireworks in Paris, dedicated to Bastille Day.

7. The festival of sand sculptures, Blankenberge, Belgium. Sandy the creation of Disneyland.

8. The singer of “Pulp” Jarvis Cocker in concert at the open-air in the city of Gdynia, Poland.

9. Majestic inflatable sculpture “Mirissa” from “Architects of Air”, Prague.

10. The annual festival of algae “Fete du Goemon” near Esquibien. Catchers in traditional Breton costumes extracted algae on the coast. At this festival you can also choose to participate in the production of seafood and further processed to produce fertilizer.

11. Festival “Swim wild horses”, a Refuge, a herd of wild horses swims to shore. The horses swim the distance from national wildlife Refuge to the island of Korcula in Virginia. Later all animals are auctioned off and the proceeds go to charity.

12. Festival “Electric Daisy Carnival”, Las Vegas. A crowd of people dancing to the DJ sets of DJ Afrojack.

13. Festival of ponies in Chincoteague. The roller is pulled out from the auction.

14. Fifth day pamplonas of the San Fermin festival. “Fire bull”, a man with a metal construction and firecrackers, hurtling through the streets of the city.

15. The lights of the four-day festival of “Mitama” at the Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo. People annually are lit in the temple, where buried 2.4 million people, about 3 thousand lanterns for the repose of the victims of the hostilities.

16. Festival “Bull on a rope” in Grazalema, southern Spain. People are saved from an angry bull, tied to a rope running through the streets of the city.

17. Photo-rehearsal scene from an Opera by Umberto Giordano Andrea chénier (Italy) under the direction of conductor Keith Varner on a large floating platform. The premiere will take place July 20 at the annual festival in Bregenz, Australia.

18. Cultural festival in mirror lake, Guizhou province, China. The woman in the water performs a dance Suigi, or “dance of the water drums”, which originated over 500 years ago in the small villages of Miao.

19. Prayer folk artists in the Jagannath temple before the festival of Rath Yatra (also known as «the Festival of the chariots»), Ahmedabad, Western India. During the religious procession pays tribute to the journey of the deities of India: the brothers Jagannath and Balabhadra and their sister Subhadra.

20. Dancers during Guelaguetza, nine-day folk festival. It is held in honor of the cultural regions of the state of Aphaca, Mexico. In the language of the Indian people Zapotec word» Guelaguetza» means «offering». Historians suggest that there are different versions of the celebration of the festival.

21. Ritual dance of Indians Capo at the Meeting of traditional cultures of Chapada DOS Veadeiros, Goias, Brazil. Here is the traditional celebration of national culture, different cultures intersect in the Midwest and throughout Brazil.

22. Gabe Burrows during a fight with a young bull at a Rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA.

23. IV international folk festival in Sofia, the Chinese singer encourages his company on parade. In this festival was attended by over a hundred artists.

24. The statement by the American rock band “Anthrax”, the festival of Slottsfjell, Tønsberg, Norway.

25. Cemetery in Gauhati, a Muslim girl prays for the salvation of the souls of the dead. It is believed that all souls would be saved if we pray for them on this night Allah.

26. XIV festival of mud, beach in taisen-ri, South Korea. The girl covers her face from splashes. The festival annually welcomes about 2-3 million tourists. Visitors can have fun in the mud, ride mud slides and attend sessions of a mud massage.

27. Cooling tower of the former nuclear power plant that has an attraction, Kalkara, Germany. The construction of this NPP lasted 9 years, but was not completed. Today, this amusement Park «Wunderland Kalkar» meets every year about 600 thousand tourists.

28. National game of Kyrgyzstan Buzkashi. It is considered the national sport of Central Asia. Players on horseback try to score a headless body of a goat goal to the opponent.

29. “Cilicia” says goodbye to the big parade of dolls, throwing sweets from the main balcony of the town hall in Pamplona.

30. Annual exhibition of cows in Albany, USA. Teens Callie Corrick and Zac Ferguson rest allowed.

31. The French town of Sambal, annual balloon festival. The festival — the largest collection of balloons in the world. This year is expected to launch the balls 400 thousand people.

32. Dancer of the annual festival of Gypsy culture and music in the maps of glinojeck, Poland.

33. Traditional folk festival at lake Cancel. Kirghiz riding a horse.

34. During the fair, Laporte, Indiana, USA, in the night sky flashed lightning.

35. Ulaanbaatar, the performance of the Mongolian archers at the annual opening ceremony of the festival of nadaam. The festival — a very important event in all of Mongolia. It marks the anniversary of the Mongolian revolution, which took place in 1921.

36. Annual fair Mercer County, Harrodsburg, Kentucky, USA. The participants of the beauty contest at a big fan.

37. French singer Cali on the first day of the music festival Paleo breaks through the blockade of fans, Nyunt, Switzerland.

38. Teenagers having fun on the rides in Costa mess, CA.

39. Balloon in the morning sky of London, before the business district of Canary Wharf. In the framework of the project «London heavenly orchestra» seven balloons were raised to the sky, starting the countdown to the Olympic games to be held in the summer of 2012 in the capital of the Kingdom.

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