Inter-regional festival

New to the festival was the so-called “AUTUMN BIBLIOTECI” – master classes on the topic “Portal “Reading 21″ as a communication platform”, “Regional network action” who have held to their colleagues specialists of the regional Centres of reading Tver and Arkhangelsk regional scientific library. At the master classes held a lively engaging discussion about the content of the portal, carrying out campaigns to promote literature among the residents of cities, towns and small villages. The participants asked many leading questions.

The conference was held the presentation of new literature: books “Alexander Pushkin. Poems. Favorites in Estonian and Russian languages”, published in Tallinn (Estonia); e pushkinogorsky resources of the Institute of Russian literature (St. Petersburg) and the library program award “Educator” (Moscow), as well as the experience of the festival ’s always Read, read everywhere!-2012″ in St. Petersburg and other library stock.

In the Festival-competition of projects for the promotion of books, reading and libraries “Reading Russia” this year presented their projects: Foundation “Pushkin library”, Russian state children’s library, Central universal scientific library. N. And.Nekrasov (G. Moscow, Russia), Kaliningrad and Novosibirsk regional scientific library, Saratov and Pskov regional library for children and youth, library of St. Petersburg state technological University of plant polymers, Inter-district centralized library system. M. Y. Lermontov (St. Petersburg), Centralized library system of Arkhangelsk, “Information and cultural centre” Velikoluksky district, Pskov oblast, Ashukinsky rural library of the Pushkin district of Moscow region. Projects varied: “libraries”, summer reading, wireline a journey in Russian history, a great read, and others.

The winners are: the Project “the Blue closet” in the new format . Skurihina Jan E., chief librarian of the Department of development of the Kaliningrad regional scientific library; Youth art project “We live on the earth Lomonosov” . Pletnev Olga, chief librarian service Department, a Municipal institution of culture of the municipality ’s the City of Arkhangelsk” “Centralized library system”, Arkhangelsk; “raise a reader”, Patmalniece Nadezhda, chief librarian service Department of preschool and younger school age, the Russian state children’s library (Moscow).

On 14 September the participants of the festival, the heads of the regional centres of reading participated in the discussion area . together discussed the current topic: “the 10th anniversary of the reading centers in Russia: the consonance challenges and redefining tasks”. The main issues that have been raised during the discussion: what are the ways of development of centres of reading, what needs to change in their activities, the main difficulties in the work.

At the closing ceremony of the IX international festival of “Autumn in St. Michael”, which was held on 14 September, the results of the Festival and the winners of the contest of projects for the promotion of books, reading and libraries “Reading Russia”, the awards were presented on behalf of the non-Profit Foundation “Pushkin library” and the Pskov regional universal scientific library. Libraries that during the nine years were among other participants were awarded diplomas on behalf of the organizer – the Pskov regional universal scientific library for their dedication to our Festival.

Guests of the festival who came to the Holy Mountain from different parts of Russia, could also enjoy the beauties of Pushkinskie Gory, visit the protected places of Pushkin to visit the grave of A. S. Pushkin, in the estates of Mikhailovskoye, Trigorskoye, Peter.

The organizers of the Festival ’s Autumn in St. Michael” confident that once arriving at the blessed PushGory the land, fanned by the genius of the great poet, will appear the desire to return here again and again … in “haven of tranquility, works and inspiration”.


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