Interesting holidays and festivals

Many countries celebrate Halloween on October 31. The night will be lit sinister pumpkin «lamps Jack», and British and American children will engage in fun fun. Dressed as witches and devils, the guys are worn with cries of schools and houses and require some sweets.

Halloween pumpkin stuck in her candle called «lamp Jack» purpose. This symbol is most often associated with the Irish legend about a man named Jack, an old farmer, who was a fan of play cards and drink. He is so brazen that had been twice deceived by the devil, and after his death it fell not in heaven because of his vicious life, nor to hell because the devil during the life of Jack vowed not to take his soul. So Jack was doomed to wander the world with a pumpkin head with a burning coal inside it.

It is worth noting that Halloween is not the only day in the year when people behave a bit strange, in many countries there are no less fun and unusual holidays and festivals.

Interesting festival in the USA

Mid-July is remarkable that in the small town of East Dublin, Georgia festival Summer Redneck Games. This event has long earned the reputation of the stupid festival and is considered a celebration of isolation from cultural rules accepted in society.

An indicative list of activities: diving in the dirt to play skee on luck toilet seat, as if it were horseshoes, to run one hundred meters on one foot, spit in length watermelon seeds. For more than 15-year history of the festival Summer Redneck Games were attended by over one hundred thousand people.

Interesting holiday in Lithuania

Many Lithuanians still celebrate the ancient holiday of Blucas. After the winter solstice, when the longest night, the Lithuanians together go to the forest and uprooted big old stump. This stump symbolizes the unfinished work and not fulfilled desires. At night on December 23, the stump on fire and gleefully drag across all yards. The celebration involves costumed, folklore ensembles and theater groups. And all believe that when the stump is burned, preparations are made for the creation of a new world. Gradually rises, and hopes are justified. Here’s a genuine Lithuanian psychotherapy.

Interesting festival in the Netherlands

International festival of cannabis Cannabis Cup Awards ceremony is held in the third week of November in Amsterdam.

The festival is a showcase of the latest advances in the field of cultivation of marijuana. International jury selects the best product by endless tastings, why the members of the Commission are extremely cheerful appearance.

Prizes are distributed in five categories: best coffee shop, best hash, best product of the processing of hemp, the best Bush grown in the greenhouse, and the best grade of marijuana. Estimated appearance, smell and taste of the product, and they also produce the effect. The winner is awarded passing a Golden bowl. In addition to tastings, the festival hosts various concerts and parties.

Interesting festival in the UK

Festival Cheese Rolling Festival pass in Gloucestershire. In late may or early June, lovers of cheese and fun going on the top of Cooper’s hill to roll down the cheese. Each participant confronts with upland 4-pound block of cheese, and then chases her to the foot of the hill. However, they say that the last time instead of real cheese used models.

Interesting festival in Spain

At the end of August in Spain attracts crowds of tourists to see the famous «tomato massacre» in Buñol. The idea is simple: gather on the main square residents and tourists, and begin to pelt each other with tomatoes. The signal for the beginning of the battle is a special firecracker run at 11 am. At this signal on the streets there are several trucks loaded with ripe tomatoes. Then everything is thrown all — until a hundred tons, are usually distinguished to conduct La Tomatina.

Until 1975 for their «shells» each resident paying out of pocket, and in 1975-m haul vegetables started by monks of the order of St. Louis Bertrand. In another five years for the celebration came from the municipality of the city, dramatically increasing the number of participants — now «tomato» the event is visited by approximately 36 thousand people annually.

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