Interesting holidays and festivals

Though it ended on a cheerful winter holidays, spring may please fans of the rest of incendiary interesting festivals, which is complete in the first spring month.

1. “European spring” in Arkhangelsk

Why travel far? There is a great opportunity to visit an interesting festival in the North of Russia, which has already become a tradition. In 2012 it will be held in two cities – Severodvinsk and Arkhangelsk in the period from 20 March to 28 April. A huge number of interesting, unusual musical groups from around the world will display their art.

Festival “European spring” pleasant is the fact that to visit it can almost every. The price is affordable, in addition, there is an opportunity to see firsthand the most beautiful places of our country, and to rent a house in Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk or will not deliver the work.

2. “Las Fallas” (Las Fallas)

If you want something unusual, you should go to Spain, in an extraordinary land – Valencia. Previously Las Fallas was nothing more than a pagan festival, today is the vernal equinox became popular, crowded and exciting fire festival.

It will take place from 15 to 19 March and includes parades artisans, like in medieval times, corrida, fairs, fireworks, live music bands…

2. The Hindu festival of colors or Holi (Holi Festival)

In India, in Nepal, 8 March there will be a festival of colours when all around are going to sprinkle colored powder and colored water, bonfires and enjoy the coming spring.

3. Festival of the penis (The Penis Festival)

Amazing festival, which takes place in Japan, where people celebrate the penis as a symbol of fertility and fresh harvest, it may seem strange and somewhat inappropriate for many Europeans. However, on March 15 in Japan crowds of tourists from all over the world who want to participate in the festival of the penis.

Everything that can be done at the time of the festivities in the form of a phallus, even sweets and Souvenirs! Incredible, huge penises of different shades will be installed on carts, men will wave “tools” in the pursuit of women, demonstrating his manhood, enhanced by the use of papier-mâché. However, it passes the bounds of decency.

4. Bullfighting in Korea (Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival)

Not only in Spain bullfights are held. In Korea the best bulls also converge with each other in the fight, demonstrating their strength, agility and nobility.

5. Navruz Bayram (Novruz Bayram)

The Spring festival, a traditional holiday in many Muslim countries, is usually from 19 to 22 March. You can visit and in Azerbaijan, and in Iran, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, etc.

6. Festival “frozen guy” (Frozen Dead Guy Days)

What did not come up people for fun! Here in Colorado celebrated every year, a very unusual festival, the ancestor of which, without knowing it, became Breda Mortal, klonirovannyi in 1989. Keeping him engaged in the grandson, and the inhabitants of the town every year celebrated in a big way this incredible event.

7. St. Patrick’s day in Ireland (St. Patrick’s Day)

A very important holiday for every Irish – St. Patrick’s Day has become, increasingly, is the international day of this beautiful country with the emerald green of Ireland. On this day all try to dress in garments of green, and a buttonhole to wear a Shamrock with symbolic significance.

The celebration will be held on March 17. Parades, leprechauns, gnomes, bands, bagpipes, El river – all this has become a tradition, attracting lots of tourists.

8. Festival rattlesnake (Rattlesnake Roundup)

For fans and admirers of snakes have the opportunity to visit unique, unusual festival, which will take place March 8 in Texas, USA.

Parades, shows, competitions, astronomical dishes – all will take place under the sign of the snake, everything will somehow touch the main hero of the occasion. The creators of the festival since 1958 took the main thing is to inform all the people about the safety measures when meeting with a rattlesnake.

There are so many interesting things, so many unusual… a Wonderful, original, a bit strange, but very attractive and fun, energetic and memorable, these activities are worth a visit!

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