February 14 in the world

Today the whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day. And did you know that February 14th is not only Valentine’s Day, and some other quite interesting holidays?

So February 14 is the 45th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. A very unusual day, it should be noted, with its own interesting history. They say that Valentine’s day listed in the calendar of celebrations for more than 16 centuries, but the festival of love existed in earlier times – even in pagan culture. The most striking example is Rome, where in the middle of February, a festival of eroticism of Lupercalia in honor of the goddess of “feverish” love Juno Februata and God Faun – the patron of herds.

But, as already indicated, February 14 should not be equated only with Valentine’s Day. Here is an example.

On this day you can safely congratulate all friends programmers, because February 14 is also considered to be informal, but widely celebrated in the field of this specialty Day geek. The fact that on this day in 1946 the world was presented the first real working electronic computer ENIAC I. As you know, and before that there were many attempts to design a computer, but these were only prototypes and not entirely Continue reading

The Most terrible holidays in the world

Today in Catalonia in the thirty-sixth time starts traditional “coven” called Aquelarre. But this is not the only such event. Let’s learn about holidays that are quite able to cause fear even in the bravest

Aquelarre, Servers, Spain Held annually at sunset August and lasts exactly three days eerie festival annually attracts in the small Catalan town of several thousand guests wishing to see the procession of costumed evil in the festival. And a wonderful tradition called correfocs – run with torches dressed in devils residents that fire and loud screams scare away evil forces from their homes. The crown of the Sabbath is a ritual appeal to the city creatures under the name of Gran Macho Convertible (Big Goat).

Witch holiday, Salindres, France In the middle ages, this small French town was almost mystical center of the country – bad esoteric glory over time become more charming in their horror festival, held on the eve of All Saints Day, namely on 28 and 29 October. Colorful and scary idea, attracting Shalindra many tourists, includes many hours of watching horror movies in the main square, otherworldly dance of the witch hunters and the parade of masks, from which the audience can become uncomfortable.

The eve of All Saints Day, Ireland’s Famous Halloween thanks to pop culture spread rapidly around the world, where it is celebrated Continue reading

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