Neon show

Neon performance from “alpha Domino”. Our dancing characters unearthly worlds of the fantastic and realistic at the same time, as we think, inspire interest and astonishment of the spectators. What is it the future? How to dance on other planets? How to dance in the clubs on the Ground after three hundred years? Fluorescent show from alpha Domino – this is our attempt to answer these questions by means of choreography and original genre.

The theatre of shadows, rather anttena is one of the directions of development of our neon show with the new graphic tools such as animation images on the projection screen, the led elements of illusion and interacting with the audience. In contrast to the theatre of shadows we create and manage, by animating light instead of shadows. We believe that light happier shade, and that the theater anti shadows shines a happy future.

Light painting created by a luminous props remain in front of the eyes due to the effect of pseudo-strobe light and other visual effects associated with the peculiarities of human vision at low light levels. These effects contributes to the strangeness of perception of the dance, which is the main tool that creates our perception. When you create a view, artist of the original genre always relies on basic techniques of classical genres, for us these genres are dance, pantomime and circus. No matter how one calls for the submission of these characters, light freak show or a neon freak cabaret, the lives of these characters on the stage is designed to surprise and entertain the audience.

In any case, we are not putting your video post processing, as we believe that promotional materials should match the live performance. This means that most surprising of fragments in our video commercials when watching live performances even more surprising. Realizing that a strong darkening of the stage is not always possible for technical reasons, we work continuously on the technical characteristics of our props to keep the expressiveness of our representation and in conditions of relatively high light level on stage. To date, we believe this level of lighting is a residual in the average restaurant. That is the lighting, which can not be quickly turned off by the illuminator from your remote.

In views, we use a unique led costumes designed by us and for us. The surprise and joy – that’s what we try to arouse our audience by means of a light freak show and dance.

any age of the viewer;

any level of the event: a publish party (birthday, wedding, anniversary, cocktail party), presentation, corporate party, club shows, festivals, gala concert;

any kind of a platform: and on the street and indoors, and in a huge stadium, and in a small cafe.

Program – show ballet.

Whatever included the scenario of a corporate party, we will find something to offer from our dance programs ballet show.

The program consists of rooms for presentations, corporate events, cocktail receptions, publish parties. Most of the program is easily adaptable to the wishes of the customer, such as, an unusual meeting guests, greeting the celebrant’s birthday or interaction with the party guests. Work on the quality and variety shows constant concern of our dance group.

Fire show – Fire show

Fire show from alpha Dominoes. Our vision compels the audience to disconnect from reality, to experience unusual mood, transported into a world of legends and myths. A world without myth and fairy tales are imperfect.

Dance, fire, feminine elegance intertwined, leaving a vivid picture before his eyes and creating a sense of the strangeness of what is happening.

In the representations we use burning gear – fire POI, staves, fire fans, torches. The surprise and joy in a solemn atmosphere is what we strive to cause our audience means fire show and dance.

any age of the viewer;

any kind of a platform: and on the street and indoors, and in a huge stadium, and in a small cafe.

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