Opened a new festival

Ten years of youth festival “Victoria” was a corporate tourist plant “Electrotyazhmash-Drive”. This year it takes place in the new, territorial, status. In place of this festival, the staff opened a new Drive – autumn. Compared with the former “Victoria”, he held, not three days, and only one. But was full of events, no less.

According to the program of the festival the factory sanatorium “birch” on Saturday turned into a village, where there was a Golden autumn. It is this name was the new youth festival of the plant “Electrotyazhmash-Privod”. Contrary to the proverb, the first pancake was not lumpy. In many ways, this contributed to the General attitude of all the teams that were once between rivals on the former factory “Victoria”, and at the winter camp.

The festival opened with a parade of participants. Ahead of the column – winners of the winter camp of the security team, goes the management of the factory then the guests of the festival stocking-glove factory. Next, in column – production of generators, synchronous and induction motors, and production of traction electric equipment, financial management and Lysva Neftemash. The procession columns complete plant management team and technical Directorate. Participants built and ready to present themselves to the jury in a new capacity, as evidenced by how the costumes and motto of the teams.

Festival flag is raised, the winners of the winter camp security. They lit a fire, which on an equal footing with the flag is the symbol of the festival. And judging by the fact that he lit without problems, the first autumn festival promised to pass successfully.

Sporting events

The organizers did not break the tradition of previous festivals began fall camp with sports activities. There were four.

On the ground near the main building for winning the bouncers fought girls. The first game ended with the victory of team security for technical reasons, namely because of the beautiful half of the team traction electric equipment to the site was not. In the next pair team of Directors luckier than the security service. Their opponents – the plant management team was and were adjusted only on victory. This attitude had an effect on the game. The office of Directors won with the score 3:2.

At this time the male half of the teams led sports fights on the football field. The first half ended with the score 0:0, but in the second Director took the lead, scoring one goal in the gates of opponents, after a few minutes the second time they scored financiers. Those, in turn, are unable to recoup, in the end, the match ended in favor of Directors. Football games lasted all day until a winner was determined in the final game. The most effective was the team of security service “Locusts”.

The festival “Golden autumn” simply could not go without an autumn marathon. Under this name started obstacle course in three races. In the first “who is faster” out of the financial Directorate, the production of synchronous generators and induction motors, the production of traction electric equipment. In the otec team lacked girls, they came to help stocking-glove factory, namely Maria Gorbushina.

The judges have in store for teams in all eight stages. The first had to assemble the tent and fit it with the whole team, to crawl in the maze without dropping any of the walls. If this rule is violated, begin the path with the same place. Went through this stage successfully – hurry up on the third. Overcome the walls of the trampoline and you can safely go to conquer the dungeon.

Participants in the second race – Lysva-Neftemash, Director, plant division. The aforementioned quickly overcame the underpass, and therefore first came on the fifth stage. Where with the help of the catamaran moved on to the next. On the beach of plant management team caught up with team Lysva-Neftemash, followed by profit and Director. The plant division has passed the sixth stage and has already passed the seventh, floating under the net when Lysva-Neftemash and Director only still dug a pit in the sand on the beach to crawl the entire team of the metal pipe. Crawled – hurry to cool off, especially since the plant is already freed last, the seventh, the stage and waited for their opponents to the finish line in front of the main building, with a time of 8 minutes, 7 seconds. Second in that race was the team of Lysva-Neftemash. She went through the obstacle course in 9 minutes 10 seconds.

At this time for a marathon here were prepared by the participants of the third race: the security service, stocking-glove factory and the technical Directorate. From the first stage, the leadership was taken by the security team and kept it till the last stage. They were winners of the whole obstacle course and showed the best time – 8 minutes 1 second. The leaders of the previous race – the team of Directors – they are ahead by 6 seconds.

Literally a second account and went to another sporting event “battle mechanics”. In it plant management team took revenge for the obstacle course. They are great to have gone through all the stages: ran the ski on the asphalt, not dropped the orange bucket, quickly cleared the oranges, with the same speed ate six bananas, and not rateplease, chain in the style of “Mess” quickly finished the competition with a time of 3 minutes, 30 seconds. Faster with their “battle mechanics” nobody did it.


For the first fall camp the organizers chose to hold an exhibition of achievements of the gardens and the contest instsenirovana songs.

The weather was really lucky that undoubtedly helped the participants to tune in a lyrical mood. And lyrics was necessary in two creative competitions. The first is very relevant for the autumn festival – exhibition of achievements of gardens “Than rich and happy …”.

This competition has proved that the workers in the production of fantasy is not limited. What culinary creations did not see the jury members at the tables of commands. Helped herself nature has generously endowed the harvest. After all, what was on the tables – grown players in their beds. And the competition just collected from vegetables beautiful composition for a feast.

Some of the teams came up with fruit and vegetable dishes to combine with the cakes, and was awarded by the jury more approval. But the jury assessed not only hospitality teams, but their ability to creatively present your table of plenty. This was not equal to security. They met the jury garden ditties.

The security team got the first place in this competition. He distinguished himself in the next, final contest instsenirovana song “On the bench”. Picked up a few songs on the Russian folk theme and presented their own clip.

No less incendiary was the performance of the team of Directors. They, like the security Service, remember that at the time of the camp “birch” has turned into a village, where Russian folk style was very popular, and even more ditties.

In fall of the year in the village festivities not so important as the harvest. Realizing this, the plant management team had prepared a hit, where glorified garden work. In the role of singers gardeners – Igor and Denis Ursu Pashkin.

Judging by the reaction of the jury to the performance of the participants, the contest instsenirovana song may become a tradition of the fall festivals. The praise of all teams for the staging of songs expressed Anton Sigarev in the final construction of the main building. The prize for this contest myself, he gave the team a stocking-glove factory. On the pedestal of a place were distributed as follows. In third place on the sum of all scores – the team of the technical Directorate. The second of the plant. Well, the leaders of the first autumn camp was the security team. According to the participants, it became like another tradition, which is not interrupted for several years on all the festivals of the plant “Electrotyazhmash-The drive”.

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