Rotating Light floodlights.

Extensive range of lighting equipment that is included in the category “smart light” (Intelligent light), characterized by the presence of rotary mechanisms in horizontal and vertical plane. The change in orientation of the light flux is carried out by changing the position of the body itself. Coined and put into circulation on a rotating head as an alternative to the commonly used optical scanners.

As the main purpose of the rotating head is projectors, capable of delivering a powerful stream of light, or rays in a given direction. With the help of light they can create both static and dynamic images on a particular area. In addition, they may include:

gobos to create visual effects in shape and color;

dimmers to control the brightness of the light flux;

filters, corrective temperature of the light;

controller strobe effect;

the device with the effect of shaking;



All this determines its functionality. In addition, there are some important parameters that define its capabilities and at the same time the price of the device, even in the weakest performance is quite high. It is important the number of control channels. As a device, is referred to the category of “smart lights”, the rotating heads are controlled by technology and the DMX standard, which you can read here .

The number of channels determines how many functions on the device can be configured and controlled remotely from the control panel.

Power and therefore performance is determined by the type and power of lamp. In modern versions it may not be a halogen lamp. and the LEDs. then the conversation is about their quantity and total, generalized characteristics.

A key parameter of the rotating head is the speed of the reversal of the housing horizontally and vertically. Unlike light scanners, projectors, in which the movable body itself, can often provide a large enough response rate. However, this is compensated by greater coverage. Unlike scanners, where the working angle to be within 80-120 ° rotating head provide almost complete coverage of the sphere. The basis of attachment rotates horizontally 360 degrees, and the vertical 270 degrees.

Moving light floodlight

Device management

As noted above, the Moving Yoke (Moving Head), rotating head provided with controllers with DMX standard. This provides the opportunity together with other light equipment and management from a single console. The standard assumes the use of DMX512 devices, remotes simultaneously can influence 512 control channels. This does not mean that you can connect up to 512 devices, because for each of them may have several channels.

Fully functional rotating the projector can take up to a few tens of channels, each of which is responsible for managing one of the functions, whether the rotation or the use of the dimmer, rotating gobo or his shift.

However, you can do without DMX512 console, especially when you need a simplified use case. For example, when using the projector as a dynamic illumination of facades is best to purchase moving head with a set of custom control programs.

Management of stage lighting

Light rotating spotlights for architectural lighting

In recent years, more institutions are using the light decoration of facades of their buildings. Most opportunities give just torque the head. They can be installed at ground level and to illuminate the building from the bottom up. Can be installed on pedestals and pillars, cornices and roofs. The only natural requirement that the compliance unit has enough degrees of protection IP67 or higher to adequately work in the conditions of influence of external environment.

Projectors to install on the street, often manufactured in sealed boxes with protected lenses and powerful lamps or shops of LEDs.

Light rotating spotlights in the stage lighting

The optimum placement of the rotating heads in a confined area, such as the dance floor or a large stage in the center. In this position, the projector can provide overlapping effects a large area, without the formation of unused sectors. However, it is not always possible because of the specific design or design for the light show. In this case, you can shift the projectors to the side, to use multiple devices to cover the whole area or the addition of the rotating heads are static scanners. About the rules of lighting disco recounted in this article .

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