Seven of the most popular carnivals of the world

You seem the most mysterious and voshititelnye, unique and popular carnivals of the world! Who wouldn’t like to visit at least one of them, replacing the gray days in the warm sun and the carousel pleasures?

Once a year we always see pieces of bright spectacle on TV. What is one of the most famous carnivals in the world-Brazilian?

Thousands of participants marching endlessly through the streets, moving in the rhythm of Samba. Feathers, skirts, sequins and endless drive!

Sewing costumes, the endless rehearsals and other pre-holiday fuss in Rio begins long before the week of the carnival, although many residents prefer to just escape for a week in quiet corners of the country. Each Samba school provides from two to five thousand participants and their companions lasts about half an hour. Now imagine how many eminent schools in Brazil and how easy those wishing to be part of the celebrations?

To be in the midst of you will pay dearly: VIP boxes will cost $1500, but it guarantees a complete service and a great sight! Oh Yes, you will be taken to the place of residence in a crowded city, where it is impossible to get a taxi. There are more budget options, showed a mass of boxes, but you know, no comparison. If you ask any woman on the street, she will teach you how to dance the Samba at least for a few minutes before the procession! And Yes. For a fee, anyone can play in the crowd dancing and to gain experience for your whole life!

The nearest carnival will be held in February. not to go off to Rio?

Second of these carnivals, which is heard all – the Venetian. Also the sight is very traditional, because the Italians are sensitive to this concern. Coming from the bell tower of San Marco white dove, all showered by confetti, gives the signal for the beginning of the holiday. A closer look?

The main condition: the costume and mask. Virtuosos of the carnival are prepared ahead of time and the price of their costume can be up to 10 thousand euros! But simple the carnival guests can perfectly afford to go to one of hundreds of small shops and purchase a decent robe that makes him irresistible I. unrecognizable! Enjoy the atmosphere of passion and intrigue, to play any role, even if in life you are diametrically opposed. Most and travels to Venice to take a break from the routine and everyday life, and some 10 days to spin in a whirlwind animating stories.

True Venice will cost us more expensive than Brazil, despite the absence of the need to move to another continent. But to become a direct participant of the events there easier, even without the dancing skills of Comparison here is to ensure that by the time these two events in 2012 will coincide, perhaps someone will have a choice!

Carnival in Cologne

The event is longer lasting than the previous two. Judging by the fact that there food is dominated by beer and sausages. there it is better to go men! Although in a formal style do not advise to go: harsh German women, traditionally taking by storm the town hall, cut ties to all the representatives of the opposite sex, so know about this custom prefer to stock up on paper

Each of the 14 days has its own tradition: the first dress up in costumes of ghosts, the next columns are headed partirovannymi politician. And the culmination is the burning of effigies of winter, the type of Russian pancake. The hosts celebrations are considered to be the Prince, the maiden and the Farmer who, during the marches endows all sweets that add diversity in total sausage-beer diet. Don’t listen to a joke, there is a normal food, just that is the essence of the holiday.

February 2, the Cologne will have to wait for everyone, which as always will be a lot to enjoy more simple sight, week elaborate carnivals of Brazil or Italy.

Carnival in nice

One of the oldest festivities of the planet is held in February-March on the Cote d’azur. Procession of giant puppets, toys, and flowers. Carnival associated with childhood, is an endless string of dolls-giants, which the king taking on the biggest platform – he is tall with a six-story house! Traditional and ceremonial burning of the king at the end of the celebrations,always pleases everyone from young to old!

If you pounced on the street a man with a bouquet, don’t worry: just the time came for the comic battle of flowers. And about the noodles which people diligently you hang, to survive and does not have “pasta from a can” easily erased with clothes and only added to the joyous carnival of fuss. If you want to immerse yourself in the pleasant atmosphere of childhood, which, seemingly, has not come back, you should visit a holiday in nice.

Carnival in New Orleans

Became famous thanks to the action Mardi Gras, which begins in January. However, if the following interest you, suggest you book in September.

Parades follow each other, each represents a procession, the sequence of which resembles a colorful kaleidoscope. It is noteworthy that you hardly leave without a souvenir. The participants of the show spread around the small gifts like soft toys, beads and medallions representing characters of the parade. And catch this decoration is considered the most successful.

Not to look at the parade an outsider, it is recommended to stock up on a carnival costume, and if not, to wear purple, green or Golden hue, which officially symbolize the festival of Mardi Gras. However, I think you will be happy to see anything if you will be enrolled in an atmosphere of General fun!

Carnival in the Netherlands

Holiday in Holland combines a huge amount of fun: giant dolls on platforms that we have already seen nice costumes and reckless flirtation that differentiate Venice and competitions of virtuoso musicians, where the main prize is sorokalitrovye barrel of beer; a bit like a Cologne, right?

So, puppet parade, where each instance is accompanied by the orchestra. In the centre is mounted a giant “police” – a silent observer for the order on the festival, “younger brothers”, which we used to see on the streets, prefer not to intervene and it is patronizing to all kinds of sumasbrodstva.

Suit – a mandatory attribute of the holiday, let it be even improvised. Some just shook the curtain and feel like royalty of the ball. The main fact part!

To return people to normal life oddly enough, helps the last spectacle of the carnival: on the Central square with the tower, dropping the stuffed crows claw broken on the ground. Here then will remember that the holiday is not infinite. Something I was upset with this poor bird, tragic end. Although for many it is the most beautiful event of the festival!

Carnival in Madeira

These five days on the island symbolized the two parades, traditions which are very different.

The main parade is for lovers of Samba. The crowd of dancers in costumes, not inferior to the Brazilians, through the streets of Funchal. Each group of artists creates a certain image that they are in movements convey to the audience.

The second parade more accessible, it can be attended by anyone, it is only important to differ: the suit is whether it will, or caricature. but all self-made!

The most grandiose stage of the holiday is always the finale: a huge fireworks display launched over the Bay, striking in scale and irreality. Reflected in the water, it is a stunner!


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