Summer festivals

Tickets to the biggest festivals buy from multiple computers simultaneously. This does not apply to Sziget, but in the case of Glastonbury or Burning Man you will increase your chances — tickets are selling out at lightning speed. So connect friends, try cards of different banks.

Come to the festival for a day or two before the opening. Time to look around, to estimate the location of grocery stores and other lucrative jobs. If you go with a tent, better to get a good seat. For example, at Rock am Ring Germans staying in the camping close to the festival site 3-4 days before launch.

When planning the trip, too, leave the margin. On the road with big festivals come in a tube.

Festival — a place where you can implement your fantasies and look almost anything up freak

Be sure to bring rain gear, rubber boots, warm clothes. Raincoats and never leave the rubber boots do not remove. Summer weather in Europe, especially in Britain, unpredictable. Well and music festival without mud — not a festival.

Bring blue and yellow symbols. A bunch of new friends guaranteed.

Buy a portable phone charger. So you will always be in touch. Festivals have charging points, but there is always a queue.

Buy earplugs. A useful thing when you want to sleep and people around you — not. SLR cameras better not to take. Even with the most simple “SLR” there is a risk that you will not miss the fest.

Download the application from. Every self-respecting festival, which stretches more than one scene, there are the mobile apps for iOS and Android. Often it helps to make a schedule of concerts with reminders, provides a detailed map of the territory, information about the artists and scenes. In more advanced versions, like Werchter, you can add friends and track their movements through the fest.

Before leaving, consult the web site of the festival. Maybe there are hidden opportunities. For example, if before going to Werchter to register your ticket online, you can get a discount €5 in merchandise.

Please see live on YouTube and setlists on To understand what to expect from your favorite artists, and not to be disappointed. On the other hand, this is a serious spoiler, so you decide.

Not squeamish. Be prepared for mud, queues in shower and toilet, street food. It is a festival, in the end. For the sake of the atmosphere and favorite artists can and the hot dog to indulge, and in a puddle of slipping.

Reserving at least some dry clothes for the way home.

Feel free to stand out. Festival — a place where you can implement your fantasies and look almost anything up freak, no one will blame you. The craziest outfits are welcome.

Humble yourself and relax. Do not think that on the neighbouring scenes plays something cool. It will always be so. Have fun here and now. And hammer on small household and logistical issues that are important only music and detachment.

Want to see the artist as close as possible — come for two or three hours before the concert. At most festivals, this rule only applies to the main stage. But large, like Glastonbury, it extends to small areas.

Remember that in the forefront you will press flat. Gap dance festivals level Open’er begins somewhere in the 20th row.

Do not think that on the neighbouring scenes plays something cool. It will always be so

If you are not hooked by the first few songs of your artist — do not expect miracles. Go look at something new. This and beautiful festivals: are you going for some artists, but amaze quite different. While not give up in the favorites: is that a good group is not able to pump the festivals, only the club solo.

Do not ignore the secondary stage. Very often the headliners play on the thumb, without sparks, and other scenes happening sincere burst of energy.

If there is no clear plan — follow the crowd. For example, while none of the scenes are not declared your Pets. Then just trust the flow of people. So you will be able to discover new and interesting music. And if you are lucky, you will see a secret gig someone out of the rocks — this is a usual thing, when at Glastonbury in the light of day are Radiohead and Reading without ads appear Green Day.

If you want to buy branded t-shirt or other thing with the logo of your favorite artist, go to the special shelves for a few hours before his speech.

Find information points. Often they give out free useful items: sunscreen, condoms, toilet paper, ear plugs.

Leaving the campsite, all the documents and money bring. If you live in the hotel, the documents leave in the safe.

Learn to Network and ask the local what’s happening in the city. In support of the festivals often have parties in the County. For example, during the Sonar Festival in Barcelona you can hang in the pool or on the rooftop under the conditional Nicholas Jaar.

This and beautiful festivals: are you going for some artists, but amaze quite different

Take care of the body. Not acidifies Junkfood indiscriminately, there is a risk to be laid up and miss all the fun. No, the food is certainly high quality. But the body is not made of rubber. So think — maybe nearby there are supermarkets and cafes (you’ve looked around before Festus?). Visitors of Sziget actively merchandised in the near “Auchan”. On the other hand, not too naughty, not for the sake of it came.

Different festivals have different ways to smuggle alcohol into the territory. On Reading enough to pour it into the tumbler for coffee. But on Sziget some poles somehow managed to shove a bottle of vodka in baton, but the guards revealed the hiding place. In any case, if you ever do something like this, remember to continue to delight you cool artists and high-quality organization, the festival need revenue including from sales of food and water.

All things are possible. Think Glastonbury, Reading and other festivals — expensive. It is a myth. Yes, such events are not cheap, but not much more expensive than the same Open’er. Just need to book everything in advance and not to be mistaken with the more expensive and supplies. Well, the Embassy is always loyal to the great number of fans, wherever you are going.

Go to the festival. Right now. This is the best way to make summer 2015 a memorable one. And Bacardi Music Gateaway this possibility becomes even more real — just participate in the contest on Europa Plus .


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