Summer festivals in Korea

Eunhyung is the month when a little cool at night still, and I want to throw something on the shoulders, and the day is already hot and only and aspire to a cool room. Therefore, in June of everyone there are numerous festivals on the beach, or the exhibition, located in cool areas and pavilions. International book fair in Saledate: 1 – 6 yunalesca: Seoul, Gangnam-GU, samseong Dong, COEX, Diphenylan hall and Indian Holly this exhibition, the official slogan of which is “the World through books”, you will be able to see (and, of course, purchase) a variety of books and other printed publications. Also you can take a picture with authors, etc. the Festival of sand Hauntedthe: 2 – 4 yunalesca: Busan, beach Haeundae festival, where on the vast territory of the beach, the audience will be able to look at a variety of sand sculptures, participate in games, and also try to do his work. International travel festivalat: 7 – 10 yunalesca: Seoul, Gangnam-GU, Samsung-Dong, COEX, Talian kulturistika enterprises more than 50 different countries will gather in one place to represent everyone interesting information about tourism. Festival of fireflies in Mujadala: 9 – 17 yunalesca: jeolla Buk, Muju-gun, Muju-up, the biggest and most famous Park, the stadium Dynamo, etc. the Festival opens in the environmentally friendly nature, where viewers will be able to admire the rare species of fireflies. International cultural festival cadata: 27 June – 1 Ulemiste: Seoul, Gangnam-GU, samseong-Dong, COEX, Indian Holly this festival tea lovers can visit the exhibition, which will be a good chance to get acquainted with the variety of this plant. Outdoor festival of Taekwondo Chunchanagiri: 29 June – 4 Ulemiste: Gangwon-do, Chuncheon, SOx don, sports hall Hoban of taekwondoe this festival you will be able to look at the performance of the athletes on this Korean struggle, look at the competition and much more. Juliol is the month when summer fully sets in, this month also falls and three of the hottest days of the year, who is sangathan, and that’s why is such a large number of festivals connected with food. In addition, July is a holiday month, and it means that people will start to massively relax and look for the best places in the country, many of which are represented through various festivals.

Seoul autocalendar: 5 – 8 Ulemiste: Seoul, Gangnam-GU, samseong Dong, trade center COEX. Here wasbuy a chance to look at the latest developments and models of cars and even sit in them. Also this event is known because here comes a large number of photographers and models, making pictures on the background of the car. To observe this will also be very interesting. The festival of fantastic cinema in Pacheedaht: 12 – 21 Ulemiste: Gyeonggi, Bucheon, Conmigo cultural centre Pokagon, Large room in a Simin hagane, great hall of city hall. At this festival you will be able all night to watch movies and even personally meet and talk with Directors. Festival “Clay in taisen-ri”Time: 14 – 22 Ulemiste: beach Tachon, Boryeong, chungnam us. The festival Lie in the mud!

It boasts a variety of pavilions with numerous programs, such as sliding on dirt, mud baths, mud wrestling and other. You definitely do not want to miss this merry holiday. The rock festival on the island of Songo, port Pentagrama: 27 – 29 July. Place: island of Songo, Incheon. Festival: don’t miss the rock festival, which is attended by not only local but also foreign artists, Visit the Covered Area and the pavilion of “Hallyu”.Festival of ramie fabrics in Hansadutta: 27 July – 1 augustest: Chuncheon us, Cochon gun, the center of ramie fabrics in Hanseniaspora it is worth noting a fashion show of clothing, crafted from fabrics of ramie.

In addition, you will also be able to get acquainted with this amazing cloth and buy clothes from her. International festival of plays in Cochinada: 27 July – 15 augustest: Gyeongsangnam us, Kochan gun, Bichon Myung, Susanne. Here in the afternoon you will be able to just sit outside near the river, and in the evening to see the many views that will be shown at this festival. The festival “parade of floats” in Hacharedit: 29 July – 6 augustalsina: the end of Ulemiste: the island Pung, Hwacheon-up, Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon before. Festival: the parade will bring together residents, made rafts with their own hands. The parade is divided by themes that will surely make it even more interesting. Augustly continues! August, with its hot days offers everyone plenty of entertainment, and in particular anyone who is already tired from the heat and stuffiness, the best time to visit the many beaches of Korea, as well as to practice different water sports.


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