The Best festivals in the world

In today’s world, the holiday turns into a bright and colorful show, entirely thrilling both residents and visitors. A Grand event is anxiously awaited and carefully prepared for him a whole year. The best festivals in the world, festivals and carnivals — all this in our review.

The history of the national day parades, carnivals, festivals and torchlight processions — is rooted in the century, and today people are returning to basics: sew sumptuous costumes, make colourful scenery, colorful characters and props. Sometimes, in the organization of rallies attended by up to several thousand people: musicians, actors, dancers, singers, acrobats and ordinary citizens who want to maintain tradition.

The best festivals in the world not only give holiday for local residents, but also attract tourists, providing the Treasury a huge income. That is why it is embedded in the event funds immediately pay off, and every year the festivities are becoming more widespread and ambitious. Well, populateitem the world and get acquainted with the most famous and beautiful holidays, giving people joy and unforgettable emotions.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Many of this holiday is associated with the sea of colors, sensual Samba, Topless dancers, incendiary live on large mobile podiums. But in fact, the carnival is a “reporting view” of the leading Samba schools. Each of them prepares a dance program, organizes the platform, and tries his brilliant show to earn the greatest number of responses of enthusiastic spectators. The winning school is awarded a grant from the city authorities.

Chinese New year

Another world-famous national festival — the Chinese New year. It begins in late January. These 40 days are passing in processions, fireworks and carnivals. Residents of China with special reverence and love for this event, they decorate their homes with festive garlands and preparing to table a national dish, is confined to the Spring the New Year.

Festival of snow and ice

Continuing the trip to China, look to Harbin for the Festival of snow and ice. In early January, local and visiting masters begin to create their large-scale ice and snow art. At the exhibition area grow real city, inhabited by fantastic animals, people, fairytale characters. Ice crafts are illuminated with bright spotlights and laser, creating a unique atmosphere.

The Festival Of Colors “Holi”

Fast forward to India. If you want to get acquainted with this country and plunge into its enchanting atmosphere, be sure to visit one of the best holidays of the planet, the festival of Colors “Holi”. No event can pass with such precision striking and distinctive flavor of this Eastern country. “Holi” symbolizes the beginning of spring and the lush flourishing of all life. Note it is usually in early March. The festival is accompanied by exhilaration and something like carnival. Men and women arrange playful battles, kindle fires and jumping over them. The emphasis is on the deity, which, swinging on the swings. The finale of the celebration is marked by joint bathing and oboyaniem each other with paints of all colors, made on the basis of medicinal herbs.

The festival of lights Diwali

Autumn in India starts another marvelous festival — the festival of lights Diwali, which symbolizes the victory of good over the forces of darkness. People bring gifts to the goddess of fertility and prosperity Lakshmi and ask her about rich harvests and prosperity. On the eve of the Indians go in the house, and even at night without turning off the lights and close the doors to the goddess is not passed by their house and robbed them of their happiness.

Carnival in Venice

Don’t like to be bored and in Europe. Traditional carnival in Venice is the Piazza San Marco and is one of the best festivals in the world. The festival lasts for 12 days. During this time, citizens and tourists witness theatrical performances with the use of ornate costumes and scenery. The actors ‘ faces and ordinary passers hide mask. Fireworks light up the area here and there, people having fun all day long, everywhere the music plays, by channel swim elegant gondolas. The theater festival ends with a costume contest and a symbolic burning of effigies of the ringing of the bell tower of the Cathedral of San Francesco della Vigna. From this moment begins lent.

The Burning Man Festival

On the North American continent also love to have fun. Suffice it to recall the summer festival Burning Man in the Nevada film festival in Texas. The first event is accompanied by the burning of a huge wooden effigy. In this celebration there is something of the traditions hippie irrepressible joy, extreme contests, exhibition of art exhibits, extravagant dancing and advanced music from tireless DJs. On the territory of the fun is unacceptable use of money and transport. Festival participants create fantastic shapes and putting them on public display. On the last day of competitions all the statues put on fire.

The Boomtown festival of independent cinema

This festival offers its guests to enjoy the novelties of American and world cinema. The event is a place that unites experts and connoisseurs of eternal art. Here you can get acquainted, exchange creative ideas, or just spend time. The highlight of the festival is recognized as the DJ scene, and the script of the festival from year to year is becoming more interesting.

Festival of flowers

And finally let’s look to Thailand — the land of bright sun and open people. They love to celebrate the festival of colors. In the traditional procession is attended by thousands of people in the country. Here are just eager tourists hoping to enjoy the impressive sight. The February celebration is timed to the appearance of first flowers.

The best festivals in the world remain the most stable sources of income in the tourism sector. They give travelers the opportunity not only to enjoy the atmosphere of positivity, happiness, but also to plunge into her, to become parties to the universal celebration.

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