The Carnivals of the world

From carnival to the carnival

February was this year unusually eventful: Maslenitsa, matched to the same this time with Valentine’s Day, and now and carnivals. The carnival is nothing like carnival in the Western manner, but the word itself means “farewell, meat”. As well as Russian carnival, Catholic tradition of carnival combined pagan celebrations on the occasion of the spring meeting and the preparation for lent.

In contrast to the Russian cheese of the week, also known as Shrove Tuesday, the Catholic carnival are more widespread geographically. Along with the colonization of the tradition has spread worldwide and was adapted to local customs and mores. But the main feature of the carnival favourite costume has been preserved everywhere. This tradition change and play different roles appeared in the Ancient Rome once a year, for 5 days, the owners and the slaves become equal. All gathered together for one holiday table, and to get rid of the social prejudices of everyday life, faces hid behind masks. This tradition still is a main feature of carnival in Venice . Venice carnival is not only the most famous in the world but also the oldest. Officially, the celebration of carnival was approved in the 13th century, but its heyday, carnival was reached in the 17th century. In the old days the mask, gave anonymity to the owner and had access not only to private costume balls, but in the bedrooms of married beauties. Closed-fancy-dress balls are popular still, but under the masks we often find celebrities.

Unlike refined clothes masquerade in Venice, which often cost several thousand dollars, one of the unspoken goals of the Brazilian carnival – elegant undress. Carnival in Brazil has combined the traditions of the local Indians wearing feathers and drawings on the body), black slaves (rhythmic dance) and European immigrants – the result exceeded all expectations. If tourists come to visit the Rio carnival it is the only exotic show with erotic elements, it is possible for the participants is a dance competition of Samba schools, which judges the costumes, technique and originality of dance, music and song lyrics. To look at thousands of a dancing procession will have to fork out, but regardless of the thickness of the purse to the fiery rhythm of Samba feet start to dance.

Ostrich feathers in carnival costumes Brazil is almost a must, but in a small Belgian town is rather unusual. The town Since with a population of several thousand people gained worldwide fame thanks to the unusual celebration of carnival . Key players: live, dressed in red and yellow costumes, wooden shoes and a giant headdress of ostrich feathers. Become Gilles is only entitled to the native Since. Ends with the celebration of carnival famous orange battle! Not to get ripe orange in the eye, you need to keep your eyes peeled.

Not such dangerous battles take place at the carnival in nice, France here “arms” become flowers. Fragrant floral tuples are a lot of work, decoration multimeter carts thousands of flowers begins before dawn. Each year a new theme is chosen for the carnival, this year it will be held under the reign of “King large skirmishes” and dedicated to the International Cup Rugby in France, as well as elections to the government, which will be held in 2007 in many countries. Carnival in nice is not limited to flower battles, it is also famous for its procession of big-headed, modern music and illuminated show.

The carnival is a favorite holiday in Germany, especially Cologne . which lasts the longest and strictly adheres to the traditions. Officially, the carnival opens 11 November at 11 hours and 11 minutes. From this point begins the meeting of the carnival Committee. But the carnival starts in “Babi Thursday”, when the keys of the city passed into the hands of a woman. On this day, the woman is right in everything, my favorite part of the tradition – cutting with neck tie men and conciliatory kiss. This symbolic gesture indicates the end of the workweek and the beginning of merriment (especially the rampant Germans these days in the alcohol effusions). Festive procession with decorated tuples in “rose Monday”, which is the culmination of the carnival and collects up to 1.5 million viewers (and completely free). The last day of carnival – Wednesday, the first day of lent, this day on the forehead with ashes cross draw and eat traditional fish dishes.

In the Catholic world carnival ends on Tuesday, which is called “fat”. “Fat Tuesday” in American New Orleans deserves special attention. Here carnival celebrations are accompanied with jazz music and a celebration of Bacchus. And in the French quarter, going on a special event: going on holiday columns in the crowd instead of the usual confetti throw beads I. coconuts. To get the coconut is a special honor, but you need to draw attention to themselves and girls are doing it and undoing the buttons of his lifting his blouse. Voluntary Striptease in exchange for a coconut.

Traditionally, before the beginning of carnival is chosen king or Queen, the Queen of the carnival in Tenerife is particularly difficult, because the weight of her costume sometimes exceeds 40 kg. of Carnival in the Canary is very fun, the dance starts at eight in the evening until dawn. At this time cancels the rule that is marked in a special procession of “Masks in heels”, which are dressed up in women’s costumes men in heels. The climax of the carnival is the burning of the sardine on Tuesday. This sardine is a small fish, and that the show was spectacular, “sardine” is made of papier-mache lengths up to 10 meters. The funeral of the sardine occur in “ash Wednesday” and from this day begins preparing for the next carnival .

Shrove Tuesday brought even in such distant lands as coast of India Goa . And the emergence of a colorful carnival show here the world is indebted to the Portuguese colonizers. As in the rest of the world, the carnival in Goa cancelled all the rules except one: eat, drink and be merry. The power of three day passes to the hands of the mythical king MOMA (relative pagan God of fun). Carnival in Goa is a mix of Portuguese and Hindu traditions: under Portuguese folk music played an Indian wedding, and in the evening the action moves to the famous Goan clubs.

The carnival starts, runs and ends in each country in different ways, but all with one purpose – fun till you drop. It is no wonder that the good mood of millions of people all over the world disperse the clouds and accelerates the onset of spring, whether it is carnival or Mardi Gras!


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