The Most famous festivals in the world


What associations do you, visitors of the Forum-Grad, when you hear the words “festival” and “carnival “? It is always a Grand event, a riot of colors and emotions, the fun, dancing and incredible scenery. But the main value of festivals and carnivals that they are an expression of people’s culture, a reflection of the traditions and mentality.

That’s why festivals are always very interesting to foreigners, visitors to the country who seek to plunge into the magic of the carnival and feel like a tiny particle.

Recently, the number of festivals held in different countries annually grows and festivals are held in many different areas: culinary, floral, theatre, music.

We will introduce the visitors to the Forum-Hail the most famous and original festivals and carnivals of today, after reading about them, you certainly have a dream to visit it one day.


This festival is even recorded in the Guinness Book of records because of its unprecedented scale and considered the Greatest musical festival in the world.

More than forty years, since 1968, the musical event of the world pleases live music guests-music lovers from all over the world. Incredibly, the number of guests Summerfest reaches 1 million viewers.

Venice carnival

Probably the Venetian carnival and the carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the most famous Association with the concept of “carnival” at all. He is one of the symbols of Venice.

Hard to believe that the history of the Venetian carnival is very, very rich – they are rooted in antiquity, since the first written mention of it it’s been about 1000 years. The carnival began to organize to glorify Saturn and successfully harvested. Mass celebrations were available to all segments of the population, the carnival was to erase social boundaries and precisely in order to avoid awkward confusion, it was hiding their faces behind the masks.

Rich was the history of the Venetian carnival, in the course of his celebration was invented “Venetian mask” covering only pollica. In turbulent times of revolution carnival was held, and was revived only in the second half of the twentieth century.

Today, thousands of tourists from all over the world are going on the carnival of Venice, to plunge into the magic atmosphere and to be transferred to extraordinary medieval past and experience its luxury and beauty. Two weeks in Venice becomes a theatrical stage with acrobats, circus performers, magicians, mimes and actors, playing a traditional theatrical performances. Venice explodes with hundreds of fireworks and lights.

Monterey Jazz Festival

The dream of every true jazz fan attending the jazz Festival in Monterey. because for more than half a century (since when it was first organized by saxophonist Jimmy Lyons), this festival gives an opportunity to show themselves the most talented jazz musicians.

About 500 performers from around the globe annually take part in it. In addition to musical venues, guests of the festival Monterey Jazz Festival can attend seminars, dedicated to jazz and various exhibitions of musical themes.

Winter carnival in Quebec

Very soon will open its icy doors to guests most spectacular winter festival in Quebec city, Canada. Tourists from all over the world love this ice and snow show, because to visit Quebec festival – it’s like that to get in the guests to the Snow Queen. Here you can find a wonderful ice sculptures created by artists from around the world, wander through the icy castles and fortresses, to try their hand in all the sports associated with snow and ice.

It is not surprising that the symbol of the festival is the snowman, which the Provost entrusts the keys, passing the ownership of the city for the festival.

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