The Most original festivals in the world

In addition to all your favorite holidays, New year, Valentine’s Day, 8 March, Christmas, there are several unusual festivities, which few people know, as they are marked in the same place (city, state, country). To understand the nature of these holidays, one should not just limit yourself to your own culture and traditions.

The celebrations, which will continue to be a conversation, a very colorful, cheerful and sometimes seem strange, but their main feature is that all participants were well during the festivities.

In different parts of the world on 19 September to celebrate international pirate day. People decorate your image with a bandana, a bandage over one eye, vest, hat, toy gun, drinking strong rum, and roughly behave like real pirates. By the way, this holiday is very fond of not only adult uncle, but also children who are ready to try on the image of a pirate, and even better to ride on the ship.First pirate day was celebrated in the United States.

Huge fun causes a world Cup birth, which was invented by the British in the town of Egremont. The festival is held annually in the month of September, it attracts several thousand people trying to show on its face the most bizarre and, at times, very scary facial expressions. Bright this holiday is Peter Jackson, who pulled out all his teeth, which gave him the opportunity to create horrific grimace.

A much more pleasant atmosphere that does not require such victims, has a holiday “Monkey Banquet.” The celebration is held in Lopburi province, Thailand. More than 600 monkeys are invited to a posh dinner in honor of the God Rama. The menu consists of various vegetables and fruits.

No less popular in England the Olympics is amongst gentlemen. The festival is organized by members of the community Chap and Hendrick’s in the fresh air. The goal is to keep the long tradition of English gentlement. To watch this festival is very interesting and informative.

They honor their traditions and the Scots. Every year in the town of Lerwick, Scotland, built a 9-meter high model of a Viking ship, and the locals dress in the images of their ancestors, and make a torchlight procession through the city, trumpeting loudly into horns.

Very bright holiday “Festival of colors” at the end of winter takes place in new Delhi, India. The festival is carried out in the new moon, and it lasts 2 days. The celebration takes place in every Indian town. During the festivities, lit bonfires, symbolizing the end of winter and beginning of spring. The best moment of fun starts in the morning when people are out on the street, and they drench each other with colored water and throws colored powders.

Very narrow it is celebrated every February in Japan under the name “Holiday Nude”. The tradition of celebrating is over a Millennium, has very ancient roots. In the temple Saidaji gathers several thousands of men dressed only in loincloths. After cleansing in the temple, people are going to March through the streets of the city, and it can touch anyone. To go out in such a manner, when it is cold and crowded, the participants drink sake in large enough quantities. The main aim of the festival is to attract good luck.

Love to watch a zombie movie, then a March of Zombies in downtown Boston (Canada) you just would like. A variety of images of participants that by all possible means trying to turn into a “dead” creatures, just huge. Often the marchers use of movement and melody from a music video of Michael Jackson, “Thriller”.

Other interesting holidays:

• the feast of “Throwing pumpkins” in the state of Delaware, India;

• festival “La Tomatina” in the village of buñol, Spain. “Tomato battle” in a small village attracts more than 30 thousand people, and for the holiday in advance harvested 100 tons of fresh ripe tomatoes. All participants, after active battle, go swimming in the river or in the showers, which at the time set here. So as not to injure the person, the tomatoes before the flight, soften in your hands;

• the feast of the “Orange battle”, the city of Ivrea, Italy. The holiday is very long, and was celebrated in the 12th century. Unlike tomatoes, orange hurts, but it in no way constrains participants;

• day of the Dead, Mexico;

• the festival sky lanterns, Thailand. Launching sky lanterns, man cleanse his soul from sin.

Of course, this list of the most original celebrations don’t end there.

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