The Most terrible holidays in the world

Today in Catalonia in the thirty-sixth time starts traditional “coven” called Aquelarre. But this is not the only such event. Let’s learn about holidays that are quite able to cause fear even in the bravest

Aquelarre, Servers, Spain Held annually at sunset August and lasts exactly three days eerie festival annually attracts in the small Catalan town of several thousand guests wishing to see the procession of costumed evil in the festival. And a wonderful tradition called correfocs – run with torches dressed in devils residents that fire and loud screams scare away evil forces from their homes. The crown of the Sabbath is a ritual appeal to the city creatures under the name of Gran Macho Convertible (Big Goat).

Witch holiday, Salindres, France In the middle ages, this small French town was almost mystical center of the country – bad esoteric glory over time become more charming in their horror festival, held on the eve of All Saints Day, namely on 28 and 29 October. Colorful and scary idea, attracting Shalindra many tourists, includes many hours of watching horror movies in the main square, otherworldly dance of the witch hunters and the parade of masks, from which the audience can become uncomfortable.

The eve of All Saints Day, Ireland’s Famous Halloween thanks to pop culture spread rapidly around the world, where it is celebrated on the night of 31 October to 1 November. Therefore, in General, you can meet him anywhere, but nowhere is he being spoiled by the same pop culture, does not reach that degree of horror and entertainment offered on his Celtic homeland in Ireland. Beautiful day and terrifying night parades, thousands of candles, illumination components cemeteries, dance around a huge bonfire, illuminating the night, and many thousands of jaws pumpkins – here’s what awaits you on Halloween in Dublin or Cork. It’s not Bunny tails on butts girls somewhere at parties in new York.

Day of the Dead, Mexico is the Best sequel to Halloween in Ireland can only be the famous Dia de Los Muertos, celebrated by Mexicans exactly one day from the first of November to the second, with All Saints Day on All souls Day. Despite the proximity of the dates, Mexican Day of the Dead dates back to Aztec traditions, which today result in all those creepy parades, fairs, selling the famous sugar skulls, eccentric altars in every home to which local cemeteries stretch of road from candlelight. Incomparable macabre atmosphere!

Day of the Living Dead, Pontevedra, Spain on July 29, in the Galician town of Pontevedra, known since Roman times, the inhabitants put in the coffins of living people, rushing funeral-processions to the doors of the temple erected in honor of Mary Magdalene, where one of R and R. After this “living dead” are in the local cemetery, where almost buried in damp earth, but at the last moment stopped, and the procession heading back. People will put in wooden boxes, flock to this macabre festival from all over Spain and even from around the world, United by the fact that they all survived clinical death.

Day Cemetery, Port-AU-Prince, Haiti Ancient festival Voodoo religion, per the beginning of November, it can be fun to scare the Europeans. Mystical costume dances to the glory of the Lord of the Dead inhabiting the locals around crosses, decorated with candles, skulls and flowers are marigolds, necessarily accompanied by the fact that some of them go into a trance and begin to do something from which the blood run cold. All this is complemented sacrificed birds on the altars occurring here and there, and other mystical rituals.

And when I think about the former here not long ago a terrible earthquake, this holiday becomes not on itself.

The hungry Ghost festival, China Crowning a Month Dead, hungry for earthly pleasures, this Buddhist festival is held throughout Southeast Asia in the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month (end of August, this year the date fell, for example, at the twentieth number), bigger is only celebrated in China. Costumed dance processions, their movements creating a night in a big atmosphere, which only emphasize the hundreds of flaming altars, both on the ground and floating in the rivers.

Walpurgis night, Germany or the Czech Republic an Ancient pagan festival celebrated on the night of 30 April on the first of may, ignites the fires, around which the dance macabre dances, in many European countries, but in Germany and the Czech Republic Walpurgis night worship so passionately. Christians, for centuries, fought against this holiday, gave him the eerie mystical notes when the lights on the mountains acquire a sacral character of the ice is in contact with the other world, which is scary, but very interesting.

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