Unique wedding cakes

The cake is a symbol of celebration and fun. Sweet miracle of modern masters is a real work of art. Pastry chefs use a variety of elements to give incredible shapes baking. Sealant, glaze, sugar figurines, and many other various “helpers” led to the inability to create the same special cakes.

The range of wedding cakes are huge. But there are some laws of their creation and design, which allow to classify all original wedding cakes.

Delicious variety

Small cake with big roses

Classic is a cake with flower decoration and round shape. Single-layer or multilayer, on stands, with marzipan or chocolate figurines, decorated with mastic or other decor. Floral sugar and cream bouquets, baskets or lying loose on the smooth surface of the cake will give solemnity to the festive day and give you a lot of pleasant moments for the newlyweds and their guests.

Cake with cupids

The inspiration, the Muse for confectioners can be a happy bride, her beauty and elegance, decorations and easy azuree dress. From mastic, you can create beautiful designs that will overlap with the wedding bouquet of the bride, air veil and other ornaments.

The decor can be used natural motifs, luxurious elegant elements Royal Empire, air romanticism or clear lines of contemporary modern. On request can be created any kinds of cakes. Modern technology and handy tools allow bakers to create cakes—the colossi and even delicious in the city. It all depends on the wishes and financial possibilities of a young couple.

You should consider the fact that sweet magnificence should be light and airy, not only outside. Fatty oil cream or bulky sugar decorations will be a heavy load on the stomach. Therefore, preference should be given to easy to cakes. The most common is the biscuit. Citrus and coffee, poppy seed and coconut, and sour cream dairy chocolate – they will become easy and unforgettable dessert – the crowning of the gala evening.

Choose wisely

Cake with figurines of snowmen

Before you order a sweet treat, it is necessary to clearly determine the number of guests. It is from their number depends on the volume of the cake. Another important factor is also the financial costs. More funding – richer decoration and more choice.

Apple cake very popular in recent years enjoyed the story cakes. They are not just multi-storey structures made of dough and sugar decorations. This original cakes has something meaningful and complete form, for example, island Paradise, fairy castle, stately home and Cake etc. – it’s the culmination of the wedding night. Celebration to be remembered, so young so carefully approach the choice of wedding cakes.

The color and the style, as jewelry, can be very different. Incredibly colorful, sparkling iridescent multicolored multi-layer and high-rise sweet giant will bring even more joy to everyone around. It is also necessary to consider the place of the celebration. Features can be reflected in sweet temptation, so the evening will be remembered for years to come.

We shared an orange

A La carte wedding cake

A huge cake to share simple knife very uncomfortable. Need a special long knife, otherwise the young at risk at the elbow to get dirty in a sweet treat. The Europeans went further and invented a special compound cakes that don’t need to cut. Confectioners can also advance to cut the cake into desired number of pieces to rid the newlyweds from this obligation. The happy couple will only have to give out beautiful pieces for everyone present.

The striking appearance

Wedding cake with heart

Important not only the taste and appearance of the wedding cake. Great importance is also his way of serving. Most people prefer to just roll out on a special truck nice treat for guests. Often the cake from the outset of the wedding is in a Banquet hall than to be afraid of “survive” to your very special moment.

Figurines of bride and groom

Enough to let the imagination run wild and allow fantasies to switch the normal boundaries to come up with a tremendous amount of bright and original ways to apply the food to the table. Why not provide a cake in the window? Of course, this requires a special device, but what effect this will have the appearance of sweet giant so? A good option – gently lower the cake from the ceiling. But this requires a Banquet hall with high ceilings. Imagine how guests will be surprised!

You can also cook a special bombonerki, in which guests will be able to put received a piece of wedding cake and without fear to take him home. Fantasy and experienced professionals will help make your wedding simply unforgettable.


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