Venetian carnival masks.

Tourists love Italy in any season, but the most famous celebration is the Venetian festival.To get here is considered a big success.

The famous carnival is held here in the last month of winter: to event the Italians are preparing everywhere. Actively sell masks, actors rehearsing rooms, participants sew elaborate costumes.

To arrange the event in February days – a practice that went with 1094. Last festival 10 days and symbolize the period before Lent. Initially, the carnival of Venice was not so luxurious and suits were only black long coats. Often used the simplest long-nosed mask without ornaments. The current costumes are required for its opulence and decoration of the famous ladies ‘ man Giacomo Casanova, who expanded color gamut and complicated kind of costumes for the party.

Festival date is counted from Ash Wednesday: an event from the life of the Catholic Church is associated with the old rite, when spovidavsja townspeople sprinkled their heads with ashes as a sign of purification from sins released.

Holiday features

1. Venice film festival opens unusual spectacle reminiscent about the release of kidnapped by pirates Venetian beauties. Crowds of tourists and locals gather in the main square: here are the companies from the Italian Commedia Dell’arte. Visitors can be photographed with Piero, marvel at the tricks of harlequin, singing columbines. The audience generously throwing colored confetti.

2. Then begins the ancient procession: each street or area become a kind of theatrical and concert venue. In the city these days attracts actors and mimes, living statues, various artists and entertainers. Everywhere grandiose noisy fireworks, and ancient castles and palaces to go out for a luxurious fancy-dress balls.

3. About 20 years ago, the carnival got its own anthem, created by the famous couturier Pierre Cardin.

4. One of the important symbols of the carnival has been a fascinating, unusual in form and execution Venetian masks,  which amaze tourists and attract the attention of aesthetes. The festival is famous for the tradition, which in the days of the carnival without exception, all wear masks. The custom comes from annual Roman Saturnalia, held in honor of a good harvest. These mass celebrations, accompanied by wine and unbridled joy, it was decided to hide their faces, to transform, to be unrecognizable. Industry of mask making is still very profitable and brings craftsmen a good income: the most elegant and expensive of the mask is decorated with leather, feathers, inlay rhinestones and gold plating. Numerous Venetian masks can be seen that many of the masterpieces painted by hand and cost tens of thousands of pounds.

Carnival 2016

The following year, 2016, the carnival of Venice will take place from 23 January to 9 February. To get to this annual spectacle is timely to take care of the booking of the tour and booking the best hotels in the hotels of Venice.

The Venice film festival next year, tourists will be delighted by the abundance of theatrical events, rich costumes and a rich cultural program. The direction of the festival this time will relate to the themes of ecology and protection of life on earth, save the earth’s resources.

You can catch the ceremony, timed to the opening of the festival – they will be held in the Cannaregio district. There guests can feast on traditional sweets and taste the dishes of Venetian cuisine. You can order a original costumes and decorations catalogs with Venetian masks, to become a full participant of the festive carnival.

Tourists will have access to theater performances in Piazza San Marco: the events will take place on the main stage of the carnival. Under the major canals of the city will be richly decorated, luxurious and well illuminated boat procession.


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