Venice began the annual carnival

In Venice began a traditional carnival period that will last more than two weeks and ends March fourth in the so-called “fat Tuesday”. So, in Italy called the day before the beginning of lent before Easter. This year the overall theme of the festival selected “Enchanted forest”.

Carnival activities started last Saturday, when the streets of the city marched sinister procession of “zombie” dancing to the sound of Michael Jackson. They were followed by Ghost hunters, magicians, acrobats and mimes. On the Grand canal hosted a regatta of decorated gondolas with musicians and singers.

By long tradition, to the carnival in Venice attracts visitors from different countries who delighted in wearing historical costumes and covered their faces with masks. Winner of the best costume in the end gets a prize.

An integral part of the culmination of the carnival is the “Flight of the angel,” going down a 100-meter bell tower in Piazza San Marco. Two weeks in Venice turns into a kind of decoration to the carnival, festive concerts and other shows which are held in theatres, restaurants and right on the streets.

Admission to a particularly inspirational event and stylized dinners can reach one thousand dollars.

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Venice for two and a half weeks will be the center of the carnival of intelligent activities. Yesterday, the city began to defile the beautiful people in historical costumes and masks. On one of the many canals in the evening passed the first water show”.

The carnival is being held this year under the artistic direction of the famous Italian producer of the show and directed by David Rampello and dedicated to the elements of fire and water. February 12, in the so-called “fat Tuesday” the celebration will culminate in the burning of the straw effigy – pagan ceremony, symbolizing the renewal of nature.

In new York already for the 18th time began the so-called festival for the disposal of live holiday trees, bought for Christmas and the New year. The annual event is held under the motto “don’t throw it away, and I’ll give!”.

The city has opened dozens of special items, which accept for recycling Christmas trees. Trees are ground into sawdust, which is then used to fertilize gardens and parks in new York and protect the crop from frost. Representatives of the city Park service announced that everyone will be able to pick up sawdust from my Christmas tree to fertilize their flowers and trees near their homes.

Local television and radio stations appeal to the inhabitants of the vast metropolis to take teaching. To read the news.

In Italy, in the city of canals and lovers in Venice . 4, 2012, started another, traditional Venetian carnival .

Mass celebrations usually started in Piazza San Marco, where there is an unusual fountain, a fountain of red wine.

This year in the city at the entrance to the Grand canal established a nine-metre statue of a bull that will burn on the last day of the carnival.

National celebrations will continue until February 21. Unusual motto, this year was selected Shakespearean phrase ‘life – this is the theatre’, whereby all Venice: the canals, streets, bridges, turned into a theatrical stage.

February 5 will be held in the city ’s holiday at all. To read the news.

19 July in Monaco will be a traditional carnival . which this year will be devoted to flowers.

The event, organized by the local municipality, will start at 18:00.

Platform, specially decorated for the holiday, will travel along the following route: Place du Palais – Cathedral, Oceanographic Museum, Place de la Visitation Rue des Remparts – Place du Palais. The carnival will be expected to attend various musicians and dancers, and everyone will learn Tahitian dancing. All visitors to the carnival will be able to participate in contests and games, and enjoy street performances. At 22:00 on the square in front of city hall will start a dance party with DJs.

Every city deserves special attention and attracts thousands of tourists, but Rio de Janeiro is a special case and to the carnival in Rio – city, schitautsya the birthplace of Samba – attracts over a million tourists.

Speech ’s Samba schools” from a modest street performances turned into an expensive show with complex choreography, elaborate sets and thousands of participants, which are so numerous that 30 years ago it was decided to move them to the ledge. To read the news.

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