Want to learn that celebrates the people in different countries?

Thirst for new experiences is what makes us go on a journey. Bright and unusual, shocking and amazing. This is the lure for real tourist. And the most colorful holidays are weird.

We have prepared for you a list of the most unusual events in the world, a visit is a must. At least once in your life.


Holi: India

The spring festival of Holi – a very unusual event in the Indian calendar. On this day people drench each other with colored water and sprinkle with colored powders.

This behavior is the desire of good and happiness. It is believed that the more beautiful and motlier your clothes from stains, the more kindness you received. However, this is not the only oddity at the festival.

Mandatory ritual – the burning of effigies of demon Holika, which is very suspiciously like the Scarecrow from our carnival.

Date: March 19.

Day of the dead: Mexico

Buying trips to Mexico in the second half of the autumn, keep in mind: you may be shocked to see the attributes of this holiday. Already a few days in any store you can buy everything you need: crosses, coffins, skeletons and other afterlife utensils.

Particularly noteworthy sweets in the form of severed arms and legs and shapes for cakes in the shape of a skull. Duck this Halloween, you might say. But not quite so. Halloween is not accompanied by terrible torchlight processions, turning houses into the altars and the resurrection of the dead.

In addition, the event is usually celebrated at the cemetery and at night.

Date: November 2

The mud festival: South Korea

This crazy festival is held in Boryeong city. And the main attraction of the event was to wallow in a pile of dirt. It is noteworthy that this forum was to improve the health of the nation.

The fact that the local dirt contains many useful trace elements that are beneficial to the skin. This is the idea and wanted to bring cosmetics manufacturers. And very successfully.

Date: 14-22 July.

Thaipusam: Singapore

This festival is held in honor of the God of courage Murugan. On this day, hundreds of Hindus with a strange joy begin to torture your body. In the truest sense of the word.

In a sign of victory of the spirit over the body they begin to pierce their bodies with bayonets, wearing sandals with spikes and pierce the skin hooks.

At the end of the ceremony fresh wounds fanatics sprinkled with the ashes of cow dung, to stop the bleeding. It is worth noting that this show is not for the faint of heart.

Date: January 20.

Day boys: Japan

If you are going to travel to Japan. try to do at the end of April – the beginning of may. And the cherry blossoms will catch and see the amazing holiday. This holiday is traditionally celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month. Japanese streets are hung with wind bags, who painted under carp. Almost every balcony, the flagpole and the post is full of them.

The wind blows the bag through the “mouth” and it seems like a carp floating on the air waves. Carp in Japan is a symbol of courage, because only he can swim against the current of the river.

In addition, every home put on the shelves symbols martial arts: puppets warriors, helmets, swords. On this day, parents introduce their children to the ancient legends of warriors and prepare them for adulthood.

Date: 5 may.

Escalade: Switzerland

On the day of this festival on the streets of Geneva you can meet people dressed in historical or fancy dress. On every corner you can enjoy soup or chocolate in the shape of a pot.

This story happened in 1602, when Geneva was attacked by the king of Switzerland. And the city would have been captured if not for one woman who decided at night to carry hot soup to her husband. Once on the wall, she saw the enemy creeping up the stairs, and poured upon him the soup.

From the surprise he screamed and fired a carbine that awoke the sleeping guards of the city. So the soup saved many lives and Geneva.

Date: 9-11 December.

So you like such fun? If so, don’t delay to go there and live it. In fact, such activities are not in every city and not every day. Use a reputable travel Agency to organize your trip and then you won’t be disappointed with all sorts of troubles, which sometimes can happen with tourists abroad.

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